If you didn't know, Goodreads does this thing where you pledge to read x-amount of books in a year and it keeps track of everything you read. It's motivational, it's organized and it comes in handy when creating the best books of the year posts. I've been participating for two years and I've completed the challenge both years. I "read" - I DNFed A LOT of books - 131 books in 2015 and 100 books in 2016 (so far). That means I read, about, 200 books in 2 years! It's crazy seeing the numbers add up because it's a lot more than you realize. And because I want all of you to accomplish your challenge, here are some "tips":

1. Set a reasonable goal
Take into account your personal life. If you're in a school year that is particularly important, weighs especially heavy on your transcript, you definitely want a lower number. If you're taking multiple AP classes and doing a lot of extracurricular activity, consider that too. If you have a job that's going to occupy a lot of your time, bring down the number. Consider your reading speed and the amount of books you read last year.

2. Read books you want to read
In 2015, I read a lot of shitty books! I went on NetGalley and went CRAZY with the requests. I didn't do any research on the books. Kids, do your research! Go on goodreads, check the reviews, and if it's a sequel. I was also new to blogging, so I did a lot of book tours and blitzes. Again, it wasn't something that interested me. The best thing to do is to read from your TBR - To Be Read - pile. What I like to do is: go to my TBR, look at the books, prune the shelf, and select a book. Sometimes your thoughts on the book change and you need fresh eyes!

3. Reread your favorites
I read Stolen: A Letter to my Captor ANNUALLY, sometimes more than once a year. Nostalgia is great! Your eyes are also open to new details that you missed the first time. Reveal yourself!
4. If you're in a reading slump
Remember how I said I DNFed a lot of books in 2015? I DNFed most of books because A) they're bad - some of them were just AWFUL or B) I read them one after another - a string of bad books. I was reading everything really quickly, non-stop. It's extremely important to pace yourself or else you'll fry your brain The best thing to do is to read when you want to read. Sometimes you won't want to read for days, weeks, or even months. It's better to read when you want than to force yourself. If you force yourself to finish a book, you'll end up hating it.

5. You're starting to panic because you don't think you'll finish in time
You'll finish it, so you don't need to worry hunty! But if you are trying to "beat the clock", here's what you do and I speak from experience. Take a break from pages of words and turn your attention to graphic novels, comics and manga. I read a lot of trashy - mangas with no plots - and it was a nice break. Post about mangas that are great. I read Saga, which is amazing and you should totally read it, and I was thoroughly entertained. I was on a really fun adventure and I loved almost every second of it. Give your eyes a "spa day" by letting them see art.

6. Set a time to read
The first thing I do when I get home from school is eat and wind down by catching up with TV. I have an allotted time and do my homework immediately afterwards. I'm a decent student and I do everything fairly quickly. It's just nice to know that you've finished everything you need and can spend as much time doing whatever you want. "Maximizing your potential" typed with so much disdain because it's so cliche. Put down the phone, close your computer and stop watching Netflix.

7. It's just a challenge and doesn't have "real" meaning. RELAX!
How far along are you, with your reading challenge that is? Comment below.

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