Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Adapted from the novel by Jesse Andrews
Release Date: June 12, 2015
Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Rating: 4/5

I read the book before watching the movie. The movie is somewhat similar to the book but so much better. I really didn't like the book because the writing / styling / formatting of the book was very irritating and distracted my comprehension of the text. Wow, that sentence sounds so pretentious. I suggest you watch the movie instead of reading the book. If you want to read the book, watch the movie first. This is the only time where a book to movie adaptation was done well and the only time you should read the book before watching the movie.

If you don't know what the story is:
Greg is a senior in high school. Greg doesn't belong to a certain group, but he isn't an outcast. He doesn't have friends because he doesn't want to make ties, something like that. An old friend from his past, Rachel/the dying girl, has cancer. This book is not like The Fault in Our Stars! It's not a "tragic" love story. I think it's more of a story about friendship and "celebrating life".

This movie was so funny. There are weird jokes and dry/damp humor. It was great seeing Greg come to life. I loved his personality in the book, but his character was not translated/put on paper well. I did find him a tad annoying in the movie with his self-deprecation but he's such a realistic young adult. I love Rachel, almost everything about her. She's aware and so strong. She wasn't delusional and I think she really lives it up. Earl. I thought his character was peculiar when I read the book. He's Greg's "co-worker", they make films together, he comes from a bad neighborhood, he curses a lot, he's short for his age and he doesn't speak the best. Only some of those things were incorporated into the movie, which makes me sad because he's such a different and cool character.

I really enjoyed the cinematography and the colors in the movie. It was visually appealing and captivating. I loved the clay figure/stop motion parts of the movie. I found it amusing and incredibly enjoyable. I love stop motion, if you didn't know. The cast is gold too.


  1. Wait, you're saying I don't have to read the book? YES I WILL WATCH THIS NOW.

    1. YAY!!!!! The movie is so much better, in my opinion. It's possible one of the best adaptations


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