This post should've been a Music Monday post, but I don't have a specific artist to feature this Monday. Like most youngsters in America, I have started school! Ehhh... I like school because it keeps me occupied and I learn, but it's boring to sit all day in the heat. It's super nice to see my friends again and awesome to meet new people. It's nice to meet new people, but I miss my "pack" [classmates] from last year because we traveled together and had almost every class together. It's scary not having familiar faces around.

While I was still on break, I watched two really great shows. I watched Penny Dreadful, which I have mentioned before. It's super dark, suspenseful, a lot of books combined, and set in Victorian England! It's an exciting paranormal, historical show with a diverse set of characters. I also watched Stranger Things, everyone probably watches or watched this show. Let me just say... IT'S FANTASTIC! It's a children's fantasy game gone wrong and what if E.T. phoned other people. It's retro, exciting, and super nostalgic. #winoforever Another show I'm really obsessed with is RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars. I think everyone knows my love for drag queens. I've never actually watched the first 8 seasons of this show because I don't have Logo TV. I love the drama, most of the queens on the show (all except Phi Phi and Coco), the humor and everything.
I've also started watching The Tudors... Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Natalie Dormer, Henry Cavill, and history!

Now to the music bit

I've reacquainted myself with this gem from Bowie - Sorrow by The Merseys.
I've been trying to run a mile every other day and these songs by B├śRNS have been a BIG help.
BANKS has released a couple more tracks from her new album The Altar. I have been waiting for this album. I LOVE BANKS. I think she's a great singer, her lyrics are beautiful, and the arrangement is wonderful. I've never been this excited for an album. I just want it now and I can't wait until September 30, 2016!!!!! She's just AMAZING. I know that this album is going to be FIRE already, straight up fire, lit AF! If you haven't already, listen to her debut album, Goddess because it's also AMAZING! I did a Music Monday about her a while back.


  1. I've heard SO MANY GOOD THINGS about Penny Dreadful! Everyone who's seen it says it's great, but it finished a while ago in the UK so I might have to do some hunting on Sky and Netflix until I find it. I've never seen a TV show try to represent such a broad range of books (I think some of them are even by different authors?) so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

    As for Stranger Things, I might have to wait until I've actually seen ET... *backs away slowly in the hope she will not be ripped apart for her lack of film knowledge if she moves quietly*

  2. I watched Penny Dreadful on Netflix but they have 2/3 seasons on it. Yes!!! Books from multiple authors! I thought the characters blended seamlessly. I really hope you watch the show.

    As for ET, I totally understand why you haven't watched it. It's super long, possibly as long as Star Wars...


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