Saga (Volumes #1-6)
by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples (Artist)
Image Comics | October 23, 2012
I recommend this with a passion!  
        When two soldiers, Marko and Alana, from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe.
 It's a 4.5 because I wasn't thrilled with the plot direction, but it's great nonetheless. I can't stop forcing this book unto people and saying it's great, really.

I think Saga is what every graphic novel should be. It's clever, charming, beautiful, [kind of] sexy, entertaining, and shocking. (There's violence and sex scenes). Some of you may have lost interest in this series because of that, but wait! I think Saga ruined other graphic novels for, me because it's so flippin' amazing. Monstress made me discouraged with graphic novels, but Saga reignited my interest.

The story is narrated by Marko and Alana's daughter, Hazel, in the future. I love the voice of the narration. It was funny, extremely straightforward, and sometimes profound. Hazel narrates what happens in the story, as narrators do, but she also provides insight/lessons/memories she has from the future, I think it really adds to the plot and our understanding. It sometimes foreshadows things too. Sometimes the lessons/memories are from her parents [and she tells us], so it's a cool third person omniscient point of view. Her voice makes the narration so amusing. The series has pizzazz and life. Sometimes Hazel is too blunt/too serious that it makes you go, well then...
I loved the straightforwardness and the dry humor.

I think the world building is great! The author and illustrator created such an unique world. There's people with wings, people with horns, robots, bounty hunters, ghosts, cool animals, and pretty bad-ass characters. The sci-fi and entertainment levels are OFF THE CHARTS. My socks were knocked off because it was so creative and my eyes were glued to the story. I don't think anything has captured my attention like this book. (I think Darcy's prideful attitude is rubbing off...) Fucking AWESOME [the graphic novel]! If you want an example of the awesomeness: there's a giant war turtle that shoots laser beams from its eyes! It honestly doesn't get any better than that.

Unlike Monstress, the writing and art are equally effective, nothing outshines the other. It's Yin and Yang, perfect harmony. Vaughan can use less words, but tell the story better than Liu [author of Monstress]. Vaughan developed the history and world WHILE telling the story. A+ storytelling. It may be that he has more experience, but... whatever. The art isn't as opulent as Monstress but it's gorgeous in its own way; it has an otherworldly beauty to it. It's strange and different.

If you want an "epic space opera that's Game of Thrones and Star Wars meets Romeo and Juliet," READ Saga. I doubt you'll regret it because everyone and their mother likes this series.

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