When I heard the doorbell in the evening, I thought it was going to be a neighbor complaining about something, so my dad and I didn't bother to answer the door, but we peeked to see who was there when my mother answered it, as you do. I was surprised and confused when she returned with three packages addressed to me. Books!? But I never ordered any... no one contacted me about winning a giveaway. It's free books, so... 


Taiyou No Ie (House of the Sun) by Taamo
Manga: 13 completed volumes
Run: May 2010 - January 2015

This series is an emotional roller-coaster that has you teary-eyed page one. As a little girl, Mao was always home alone because her estranged parents were working 24/7. Fortunately, her neighbors, the Nakamuras, had a loving household, who welcomed her with open arms. She becomes part of their family and a fixture in their lives: Hiro (the older brother,) Daiki (the middle brother,) and Hina (the youngest sister.) One day, tragedy hits, killing the Nakamura parents, leaving the three siblings orphaned. Since Hiro is unable to take care of his family, as he is underage, he is separated from his siblings, who will live with other relatives, and lives in their childhood home alone. During this time period, Mao's parents have a divorce; she decides to stay with her father so she can stay close to Hiro. Throughout the years, Mao checks on Hiro, so he isn't lonely; but, her home situation is not that great either - her father is very cold and distant; she feels that she is unwanted by her step-family. Hiro, upon discovering this, invites Mao to live with him. Naturally, when you live in close quarters with someone, you develop feelings. Mao also gives Hiro the strength to bring his family back together. Since it's a Shoujo, Slice of Life manga, expect love triangles, friendship, heartbreak, and drama.