I love bookmarks. I have no grievances towards them because they keep books in such nice conditions. Spines don't break from facing books down and no dog ear pages! Dog eared pages are the Antichrist to book lovers everywhere. 

Here are some the the cool bookmarks I found online. I'm not sponsored by any of these shops, I wish.

If you didn't like the last shop because you don't like the colors of the rainbow and you're minimalistic (me), you'll like this shop. The bookmarks are black or white and the store also has foil-ing. They're incredibly chic. The bookmarks start at $4.11 each.

I'm sure we're all familiar with these bookmarks. They are so funny, quirky and absolutely adorable. Just imagine seeing this between your book! Your book was so heavy and crushed the bookmark and only left the feet out. Wow, that's a bit morbid... There's Alice in Wonderland, A Song of Ice and FireStar Wars, and a bunch of other bookmarks. This store is a bit pricier ($25), but keep in mind that these are hand crafted.

This bookmark is so pretty. You can choose what bead you want and it's personalized! If you drop this bookmark in class, your teacher will be able to return it to you. People will also know which book is yours, without writing your name in it. I'm pretty sure this is $7, the store is closed as I'm writing this so.

Does anyone remember The Tale of Despereaux? I read this book when I was younger and thought about it when I saw this bookmark. It's a polymer charm on a paper clip and it's so cute. If you don't like this little guy, the shop makes adorable cactus bookmarks. Bookmarks from this shop range from $8-$23.

I am in love with this store and I am amazed. Do you see the shapes?! There's a bookmark shaped like a moose! There's also a dragon and a unicorn. This shop is literally magic. They're $2-$5 each and you can buy them in bulk for $19.

There's also Happy Hello Co, which I have mentioned in this blog post that informs you what to get for that Special Nerd in Your Life.

This next link isn't a shop. If you don't like using your credit card online, like me, these printable bookmarks are for you. These bookmarks are from Books & Tea Leaf. They have new printable bookmarks every Friday and they provide instructions/recommendations.

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