Hello, my name is Vivien, and I hate making things lengthier than they should, which is why my reviews are relatively short. Short and concise is nice. I think it's the New York mentality of wanting things instant. And there was the obligatory, "I'm a New Yorker." Grammarly proves that I have horrible grammar and syntax. Prepare for zealous punctuation usage, and "complex-compound sentences." I recently fell in love with colons.

As if that short paragraph wasn't insightful enough, here's a list of my favorite things and facts about me. 

-Favorite Singer: BANKS. I love every song, and I never tire of them.
-Favorite book: Stolen by Lucy Christopher (I've read this book multiple times and mention it incessantly.) If you ask for a book rec, this is what I usually recommend. I am forever waiting for the sequel and fanfiction updates to curb my addiction.
-Favorite Movies: Silence of the Lambs, 10 Things I Hate About You, Moonrise Kingdom, Princess Mononoke (best Ghibli film), Pan's Labyrinth...
-Favorite Shows: Veronica Mars, Penny Dreadful, Jeopardy, Gossip Girl...
-I enjoy learning languages. I'm Chinese, but my Cantonese and Mandarin are awful. (I prefer Cantonese because it sounds better, rolls off the tongue, and what I primarily hear/speak, excluding English. I've been steadily improving my Mandarin because I've been focusing my studies on it.) I've learned bits of Spanish, Latin, French, Swedish, Russian, and Japanese. Pronunciation and retaining vocab leads to frustration. I would love to learn ASL in the future. I aspire to be a polyglot and translator/interpreter. 
-I enjoy crafting/building/creating things. I love origami, cross stitch, puzzles, cooking, and baking. I sound like such an old fart!


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  2. Hi Vivien your blog looks pretty good and I've subscribed to ou via Bloglovin'. I'd highly appreciate it if you could check out my book and music review blog (http://leaf-on-the-breeze.blogspot.ie/) which I started two or three days ago. Keep up the good work!


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