I made the decision to rewatch every episode of Naruto. Wish me luck because it's gonna take a while. Watching it gives me so much nostalgia. It sucks that I know what's going to happen, but it's so nice to meet the characters again. I never realized how much I hated Sakura, how the first season is mostly about Sasuke, and how HILARIOUS Guy & Lee are. If you've never watched or read Naruto, you should because the manga ended and it's a great series. If you don't know what Naruto is...

So, which Naruto character resembles your reading personality?

Do you bounce from wall to wall whenever ANY book releases? Well, you're Naruto! Naruto is the #1 hyperactive, knucklehead ninja. If you're a Naruto type of reader, you're an "important fixture in the book community." You know almost everyone, and almost everyone knows who you are. You're also a tad scary when extreme emotions are evoked.
Are you a shy bookworm? Well, you're probably Hinata! You're shy when it comes to everything but books. You're incredibly friendly, and you always want to help people. You're probably in a tight-knit book club with friends.

Do you worship one particular author? Do you only read her/his books? Do they dominate your book collection? Then, you're definitely Ino/Sakura. You are EXTREMELY DEVOTED to your author (i.e. you have multiple copies of one title.) You might've even waited on long lines for your book(s) to be signed, and you ALWAYS recommend this author to your friends/people around you.

This one is a tad like Ino/Sakura, but better (as I mentioned above, Rock Lee is one of my favorite characters.) You just finished a book and you thought it was AMAZING/life-changing, so you become an aspiring writer. You follow in that author's footsteps so you can be a "respectable" writer. People may find you intense, but you're ambitious and hardworking!

Are you lazy and DNF books often? You are Shikamaru. You read to pass time because you're bored, but you never finish one because it's either really boring or you have better things to do: sleeping, cloud watching, or eating out with your best friend. You're also a slow reader, but you can predict everything if you put some effort into thinking.

Do you read romance books? If your favorite romance author was signing somewhere far from you, will you drive all the way there and be the first person on that line? Then you're just like Kakashi! Kakashi LOVES Icha Icha and doesn't hide it. You're probably very knowledgeable and people come to you for dating advice and Romance book recs. 

You savor every part of a book, especially the end. You have a large collection of books, but your book needs are insatiable and scary. You are Choji. There's probably a taboo word that triggers you too. Maybe someone says you waste money on books, so you Maka chop them with a book.
Gaara is feared when we're first introduced to him. If you're Gaara, you're SCARY when people interrupt your reading/when people return borrowed books all messed up. You give them that look, and they run away like babies. But you don't stop there. You discipline those idiots, so they don't bother other readers in the future. You're a nice person deep down.

Do you know how a story's going to pan out from the first page? You don't need Neji's byakugan to see the predictable plot. However, you have a blind spot and get surprised every now and then. You gotta lose your plot teller streak at some point!

If you have a pet and read to them/hold them while reading, then you're just like Kiba and Akamaru. The two of you are in-sync and inseparable.

Are you a spoiler and does everyone but Vivien hate you? Hi Orochimaru! Just remember to ask people where they are before you spoil things.
I hope you related to at least one of these characters. I feel that I relate to almost all the characters in some way. I hope this post intrigued you to pick up Naruto, or you found this somewhat entertaining. If you do start Naruto, fangirl with me on Twitter.


  1. I think I am definitely a Shikamaru xD
    This was such a nice post, especially since I'm a Naruto fan too! Good luck rewatching all the episodes! o.o

  2. YAY!!! Fellow Naruto Fan!!! I'm Shikamaru too. I am the laziest and least ambitious person, ever. Thank you so much for visiting!


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