I started watching this show because I was really bored during spring break. Now you're wondering, why don't you read books then? Well, I don't feel like reading. I don't have the patience, nor the energy to be engrossed in a book because of my book slump. I just read some kickass NA Mysteries/Thrillers! So, I turned to the debauchery in Game of Thrones for entertainment.

I really don't think Game of Thrones should be called what it is. It should really be called A Bunch of Obnoxious Shits Fucking Around. I have another name suggestion, but it's rather crude and it's more of a list than a name. There's so much sex in this show... I was watching one episode and my father was in the room... It took place in Baelish's Brothel...
I don't really enjoy the show, but I still binge watched it (all of season 1 and some of season 2.) It's not because I "can't handle the maturity." I just don't see the appeal of the show. Sure, there's political intrigue with the wars and fight for power; but, all that is muddled. The political intrigue was "overshadowed" by all the sex scenes, brothels, wine, whining, incest and obnoxious characters. I was blinded by my hatred for Joffrey, Cersei, Jaimie, Sansa, Baelish, the list goes on and on. I should enjoy at least one character if I'm going to watch an hour-long episode! I was busy rolling my eyes at everyone. Finding a comfortable position on my couch was more interesting than watching this show. The only excitement I got from watching was when people were killed. Blood started exploding and gushing like a geyser everywhere. They were exaggerated, but entertaining nonetheless.
My History teacher (ew, History) mentioned how Game of Thrones is very similar to history. He said the Dothraki were based off the Mongols and that is very true. Both are know for their skills with horses, their barbarianism, and their disinterest for money. The different houses/kingdoms were very Medieval/Feudalistic. There are different lords and they govern their people, but they are loyal to the King. *spits on the name of Joffrey "Baratheon" and Robert* There are wars and alliances between houses. GoT is a "glorified" history lesson, but not really a history lesson because it's allusion, of sorts. The show is slightly more entertaining and raunchy, but not as boring as a lecture on the Pugachev Rebellion.

I got roused up when I saw certain actors in this show. I saw 2 House of Anubis characters and the actress who played Nymphadora Tonks. I was fangirling because I haven't seen Tonks since... you know... The recognition made me slightly proud of myself.

The pride on joy of this show is: Jon Snow, Arya, Tyrion, and Daenerys. I would have added Khal Drogo, but... you know about that too. I think the characters aforementioned are badass. I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about Jon Snow, but he's so nice to his siblings. He warmed my cold heart by a centigrade. You feel bad for him, so you want to give him a big 'ole hug. I loved Arya because she reminded me of Merida. Both of them don't want to be ladies and do mind numblingly boring things that's expected of them. I loved their defiance! Total girl power and ass kickery. I like Tyrion because he's clever and I hate the rest of the Lannisters & Baratheons. He also reads a lot. Then there's the MOTHER OF FLIPPING DRAGONS!!!!


  1. LOL I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. I started watching just a few weeks ago and I'm only on Season 2, but the plot is really hidden and it basically goes like: Sex, someone dies, sex, someone dies, etc. and I hate Sansa's character. The books are decent though (I'm on book 2). My mom wants to watch Game of Thrones because it's popular and whatnot, and I'm having a hard time explaining to her it's not something she would like and there's a lot of, well, scenes (dammit).

    1. Sansa is so whiny. She's literally the worst. Please keep your mother away from this show. It will make things so awkward.


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