A domain host is very important. It doesn't seem important to non-bloggers, but it really is. Blogger, obviously, is where I blog and review books. I just started using Wordpress because my class deciding to do this project/charity where we raise money for baby elephants in Africa (David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust). I was in charge of all things social media and the website because of my blogging credentials/experience and whatnot.

Disclaimer: I'm a little biased because of my experience and time with Blogger.

Without further ado, here is my analysis on the two domain hosts:

Blog Templates
If you're like me, you like things to look nice and orderly. But, you probably can't tell because my blog looks like something I whipped up in five seconds. Wordpress definitely has more clean, modern and visually appealing templates. Blogger's templates seem very juvenile and outdated to me. Blogger also doesn't have as many themes as Wordpress. However, Blogger allows more customization options (I'm using the Toujours Theme on Wordpress and I have the free package, so that may be why I'm limited.) You can buy templates and have people design things for you, but sometimes you change your mind and have to spend more money, that's something I'm very worried about, spending a lot of money on my blog, but end up not liking it anymore and changing it or maybe quitting blogging.

Post Deletion
This one is a matter of personal preference. I really don't like how Wordpress has a trash section for blog posts. I like how Blogger allows you to delete things, so you never have to see it again. But, sometimes you delete things by accident. So, this option is beneficial on certain occasions. It resembles Gmail's trash. What a coinkydink, Gmail and Blogger are both Google applications, but Wordpress isn't.

Blogger allows you to insert images from the web and these photos don't compromise the amount of storage you have remaining because they're not saved. However, Wordpress saves all images you upload, even photos from the web. Fortunately, Wordpress has 3 GB of storage. Halleloo for 3GB. You just have to be extra wise with what you upload. That means you can't insert as many gifs you want.
If you upload photos on Blogger, it's saved to your Picasa web album, which offers about 15 GB (15360 MB) of storage! Also, the images you get from the web aren't included in that storage!!!!! You can make as many graphics you want.

Posting & Drafting
I find the draft set-up of Blogger to be more concise and easier to navigate. There's one whole line/bar with formatting options, so you don't have to expand for more options. Writing posts is just easier on Blogger. Blogger has a designated space for everything and it's easy on the eyes. Really, it's not that confusing to use. I don't think I had trouble using it when I first started blogging. Wordpress is this "cramped, endless expanse" for your post. However, Wordpress has line spacing options. You can also change the margins.

Wordpress has social media widgets! Wordpress knows the importance of social media and I love how they made a widget for it. I had trouble linking up because I added the full URL, but you just need the username! If you're on blogger, you have to get an image, link your social media to that image, get the code, and insert a HTML widget. (At least, that's what I did.) Editing widgets on blogger is easier and more efficient because of the layout option. The layout option really is a blessing. Everything on Blogger is editable with coding, which is a blessing and a curse. 

Domain Packages
On Wordpress, you can purchase packages that provide certain services. I believe most of these services are free, other than personal domain, on Blogger. If you write reviews and want to insert a music video that correlates with the book, you can't do that on Wordpress, unless you buy a package.

I hope this "analysis" helps you decide on what domain you'll use. If you'r just staring out on blogger, check out these posts of mine for help.


  1. I personally use blogger, I don't know how to HTML, but there are ways to get around that and I am fine with the appearance options that Blogger provides. I have never used Wordpress. I've thought about making a blog over there, but it just seemed like too much of a bother, I have nothing against wordpress,what I do have a problem with are the, very rare, people that get judgmental over where you make your blog.

  2. I agree with a lot of what you've said here about Blogger. I used it for years before switching to Wordpress (self-hosted, though, not the free Wordpress.com). The free Wordpress has a lot of drawbacks and was the reason I went to Blogger in the first place. I love my self-hosted blog now because I've been able to set it up the way I like and in a way that's easy for me to navigate/use. But for those who aren't interested in paying for their blog each year, I definitely think Blogger is a great option!

  3. I tried using wordpress by starting a photography blog but it didn't really work out partly because I wasn't that invested in wordpress (I didn't get a hang of most of the things) and I couldn't understand how the community worked. There's a sort of re-blog option apparently?
    Anyway, I'm completely biased towards blogger. :)


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