So, I'm probably gonna mention other artists for you to listen to. I found out about Paperwhite after reading a Hello Giggles blog post. The titles said the new best thing, your new favorite, something like that. So, I played it on speakers and my mother fell in love with them. It's really pop, bright, summer music. (Shimmer pop) It's a trippy, colorful hallucination. If you like brother-sister duos like Broods, you'll like them.

I also got back to listening to HAIM. I used to like HAIM, but Spotify kept playing them on shuffle. I got sick of them, so I stopped listening to them. After listening to them with fresh ears, they're still fresh, cool, and fun. It's fun dance music. It's going on a road trip with your friends music. It's festival music. Listen to all their songs. They're great.

The Neighbourhood is another favorite. I love 'Sweater Weather' and I'm not ashamed to say that was the only song I listened to by them. But, I started listening to other songs. 'Afraid' is such an amazing song. The lyrics are haunting, in-your-face, and powerful. It's similar to 'Truce' by TØP in terms of message. It's just a bit angstier. It's music you sway to and get lost in because it's dreamy and slightly psychedelic.

Other Artists to Listen to:
-Magic Man
-Hozier (don't just listen to 'Take Me to Church'! Andrew Hozier-Byrne is such an amazing artist. His lyrics are beautiful. His voice is amazing, warm and sultry?. It evokes so much emotion.
-Active Child
-Funeral Suits

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