I'm sure you've heard of this band. You're probably very familiar with their song Stressed Out. PLEASE DON'T ONLY LISTEN TO THAT SONG! I'm begging you, don't be one of those people. TØP is an amazing band! There is so much talent! The lyricism is...beautiful. It's heart wrenching and so powerful. There's a darkness and relatability to their lyrics, but these lyrics are paired with catchy and fun beats. I have to read the lyrics or else I'll be distracted by the catchy beats. I feel terrible about that. I'm actually typing this post, listening to their albums and "analyzing" at the same time, so that might be why I'm distracted.

Twenty One Pilots
I found this album kind of show-tuney. Tyler's voice higher pitch and more fun than in Blurryface. The album's sound is more mellow and not as rock. It's more of a swaying/moving head side to side kind of album than a head bobbing/really hype/gets your blood pumping kind of album.

Ode to Sleep is putting a smile on my face. The beat is so lively. There's more rapping on this album than on Twenty One Pilots. It reminds me of Eminem, says the girl who doesn't listen to rap. House of Gold, Car Radio, Migraine, Semi-Automatic, The Run and Go, Guns for Hands, Trees and Truce (amazing song) are my favorites.

This album kicks off with such a punch. Heavydirtysoul is so fast paced and in your face. Then it mellows out a bit. The songs get better and better. I love the electronic beats with the drum beats. Such a good blend that's kind of trippy. Tear in my Heart has that old school/classic rock sound that I love. There's also a "tropical" beat and "old school rap". There's so much going on without being cacophonous.

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  1. I was really iffy on TØP for the LONGEST time. Like, since a couple of weeks ago kind of time. I was never a fan of the guy's voice, and the actual music bits were kind of meh to me. It's catchy, but the music style and rapping isn't really my thing. It wasn't until I heard a couple of covers from people I really like that I really started paying attention to the lyrics. NOW I LOVE THEM. They're lyrics are surprisingly good for such a mainstream band. :)


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