I decided to pick up Vampire Academy after seeing the movie adaptation the night before. I wanted to reacquaint myself with the world, characters, relationships and "mythology". In other words, I wanted to meet Dimitri again, lol. I watched the movie, which goes against the book lover code, before I read the book. It's not that great of an adaptation by the way.

There is a very interesting class structure and mythology in Vampire Academy. On the top is the King/Queen. Below that is the Royal Families. Below that is the "normal" Morois and there are other things that I'm not going to mention. The author also changed the concept of vampires, just a little bit. The Morois can eat human food, but blood is their main sustenance (Very Twilight). They are not immortal and they're good, unless they they turn Strigoi. AKA the Golden Eyed Vegeterians VS. The Red Eyed Blood-Suckers/Volturi. They also have special powers. "Unfortunately," the Morois are targeted by Strigois; so, Dhampirs protect them. The Dhampir/Moroi relationship reminded me of Vampire Knight. Vampire Hunters protecting other/special Vampires. Zero is the equivalent of Dimitri.

Once I started reading the book, I became fond of Lissa's and Rose's relationship. Rose is a guardian in training and Lissa's friend, which makes her extra protective of Lissa. Rose is rebellious and sarcastic, which I love. There are so many heroines with that characterization, but Rose stands out amongst them. I was not as "moved" by Rose's personality this time around. Her funny remarks lost their sparkle. The whole book was not a fun as it used to be for me. Maybe abut 75% of the book was about Lissa becoming popular again and dumb high school drama with a few animal carcasses here and there. Everything was rather tame.

I was really excited to reread Dimitri and Rose's relationship. Looking back, it made me gag a bit. I laughed at their thoughts. It reminded me of Bianca's weird romantic "fantasies" in The Duff movie, this is like the only movie on TV. It was laughable and pretty cringe-y.

I found Lissa really annoying, again.

Although the character and plot lost their sparkle, I still enjoyed Mead's writing style. It took me longer to finish the book, but it was still enjoyable reading it.   is one of those books that you read one time. Once you read it, you know what happens and you're no longer surprised by the plot. It's enjoyable to reread, but you don't pick up anything new.

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