So, I'm reviewing a picture book...
Tongue Twisters: For Girls
Written by: Honeysuckle Hale
Illustrated by: Aline Jorge
Publishing information: February 6, 2016

The cover is assaulting my senses, and not in a good way. The lime, electric, fluorescent green with this Bloody-Mary red... *shiver* It contrasts each other but it's so harsh. The drawing and its color do not compliment the background and the rest of the cover. I looked at the artist's work and most of her backgrounds are pastel and compliment her drawings. 

I really like the artist's vibe and her style. The pictures in this book were different, in style, compared to the ones on her website, but I still really liked them. The shape and colors were different. I think, the artist was somewhat restricted and limited artistically. The author showed her the tongue twisters, which aren't really tongue twisters because they're rather simple (more on that later), and the artist drew whatever the tongue twister depicted/drew the best representation they could. It didn't seem seamless to me. I really want to read a Patricia Polacco book now.

The concept...
We live in the 21st century and I don't think things that can be gender neutral should have a gender specific audience, that's just me. A boy can read this too. Anyway, the tongue twisters weren't that challenging-one should hope that a high schooler has no trouble reading a picture book. The tongue twisters are cute and nonsensical, but not particularly challenging. If you want a real challenge, do the Chinese tongue twisters.

Is there a physical edition of this book? Please say yes because I don't want my hypothetical child to be on electronics more than he or she already does. I'm sure most parents agree with me.

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