It's almost Valentines Day. Roses/Flowers, giant teddy bears where do you even put that? and chocolates are great, but I think these items are better. (I am not being sponsored by any of these shops. I only mentioned them because I thought they were cute.)

If you click on most of the images, they will lead you to the store.

My friend has a Celaena Sardothien bookmark from this store and I was so fascinated by it. It's basically a really cute, magnetic clip. The shop has all types of book characters, TV show characters, and miscellaneous things. It might be difficult finding a certain character because their product name is different.
I think this product is mostly for me... Everybody, and I mean everybody, knows that I LOVE David Bowie. I was devastated when I found out he passed away in Geometry class, way to soften the blow. If you were looking at the news, or Instagram, you probably saw this gif about the evolution of David Bowie (the one where his face is turning), this is the same artist. She is an amazing artist. She does all sorts of items and her drawings of Lady Gaga are spot on. This is what happens when you stalk James Bay's Instagram, you find mugs.

This is one of the many mugs I found. I really like the black base and the  white lettering. It's very chic and I love the text because it's so relatable and true.

SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE THISIt's like glitter, it's everywhere. There are so many characters and options! There are characters from movies, TV shows, rock bands, Marvel/DC comics, anime, sports, and video games. You can get something from Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, etc.

The Lux series has taken the book world by storm. They're invading Earth. Lol. If you haven't read the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and you love YA, you need to start, like now. This shirt was worn by one of the characters, Katie, who introduced me to book blogging and reviewing. There are many variations of this design, but I liked the blend of fonts and this was on RedBubble.

Something from Litographs
I didn't put an image because I knew I was going to scroll through the website and stalk it like a bride planning her wedding on pinterest. The products on this site take the text from Classics and form a really interesting pattern on shirts, totes, posters and they even make temporary tattoos. It's whimsical and pure genius. The products are mind blowing.

A subscription box
There are so many subscription box options.
If you don't know what to get for that special someone, you can always get a B&N (Barnes & Noble) or Amazon giftcard. They're super easy and no fuss. If giftcards aren't your style, you can always bring your partner to one store they really want and give them a budget. A trip to Strand or a really nice comic book store.

It's the thought that counts


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