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Hi everybody!
          I need a little help. So, today I'll be going to B&N to get The Winner's Crime and The Return (maybe because I might not find it.) If anybody read The Return, should I buy it?
          Also, what books should I read next? I probably won't read it until next year because my TBR is INSANE! I mean, every reader's TBR is insane, but mine is getting overwhelming.

          This picture is the essence of hard-core readers out there. Only hard-core readers would understand. No regular mortal understands the pain of a growing TBR.

          GRRRR, I just looked at B&N to see if TR is in stock. IT'S NOT!!!! YOU LITTLE BITCH! I love B&N, it's my second home, but it NEVER has the books I want when I want it. 
          There's a Throne of Glass discussion in my group.

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  1. The Return is such an awesome book! Really! I don't think you'll find it at Barnes and Noble but like I have extra copies since I went to The Return release party they gave me a bunch. The only problem is it's signed personally to me, so if you wouldn't mind having an already personalized signed copy, I would be happy to mail a copy over so you have a chance to indulge in some more jennifer L. Armentrout, she's da best! Also I might be able to send The Winner's Crime if I can just find my copy here somewhere *searches* I haven't read it yet but books are toppling over from my shelves and I don't see it just yet. You should definitely facebook message me ;)

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz