Never Forgotten Review

Never Forgotten (Never Forgotten #1)
by Kelly Risser
Read: Kindle courtesy of NetGalley
Publishing: Clean Teen Publishing

         Before anybody reads this review, especially the people that sent me this book, please note that you sent this book to me for my completely honest review. If you don't like this review, that's fine, keep it to yourself.

My Bitchy Summary
          Meara Quinn is almost a senior in Wisconsin. Everything is great with her friend Kim, who has a man-whore boyfriend. But, Meara's mom's cancer returns bitchier than ever. So, they return to her mother's "home country", Canada.
          Meara get visions of her father and decides to tell everyone-because everyone is totally interested with your life.
          She learns that she isn't normal and she decides to tell everyone that too. Weird shit happens.

My Bitchy Review
First things first, this book was titled poorly. It shouldn't be what it is right now. It should've been this:
The character drinks Diet Coke more often than Anastasia says Oh my or my inner goddess.
She also drinks it more often than interesting moments occur. (That's worded weird.)
This book was quite the letdown. I have two pages full of notes.
          How about I tell you what I didn't like?

Here it is:

  1. The dialogue is so fucking one-dimensional/boring. It lacked so much depth/life. It reminded me of the plays I wrote in Kindergarten. 
  2. Lots of things were confusing. Primarily the mother, who I found super annoying. Big shocker, me hating the parents.
  3. Insta-Love...NO, JUST NO. STOOOOPPPPP!!!!!! 
  4. The characters change their characters/traits after a page. Please stick to one character. If he's a nice boy, keep him that way. Don't make him a douche mid-sentence.
  5. DRAMATIC IRONY!!!!!! @#$%&*. AJKGF. I hate this so much. I called the main character a retard a couple of times.
  6. Some things that were important were not mentioned. EX. How were medical bills paid? Out of thin air?
  7. The story transitioned too quickly. Sometimes after transitioning, it stays in place and drags out for a millennium.
  8. The main character thinks she's so interesting and involves random strangers into her problems. Just write it in the sky with fireworks!
  9. The story is interesting. It's just the wording/development that threw me off.
  10. The author spelled The Beatles as The Beetles....SMH.
  11. So predictable!!!!!

          I'll just DNF at 80%, I get the gist of what's going to happen. This story didn't really tickle me fancy. I think I would've gotten more of my answers answered if I finished the remaining 20%, but I really don't want to. Sorry not sorry.

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