I was surfing on Society6 and I saw amazing art/products from extremely talented artists. If you didn't know, Society6 is an online retailer (of sorts). It's more of a market for independent artists. Artists create pieces of art and they're sold as prints, home items and apparel through Society6, who produces it too. Hopefully the artists I share in this post appeal to you and you support them by buying their products. I'm not being sponsored in any way, as usual, I just want to showcase some artists. Apologies in advance for the lack of photos.

~ABIGAIL LARSONI love this artist's style. It's Gothic Brett Helquist (illustrator of The Series of the Unfortunate Events). Her user image gives me modern Vampira vibes. Basically, she's really cool.
Two of my favorite pieces: The Night Circus and Labyrinth

~I LOVE DOODLE: has some of the cutest and funniest things. Just looking at their work makes me smile because it's really bright. If you like TeeTurtle, you'll love this artist too.
Two of my favorites: I'll Never Lego and Everyone Poops
~HUEBUCKET: For people who love animals, Japanese style art, and/or art with flowy thingies. I love the artist's pug series because it's absolutely HILARIOUS. There's also a French Bulldog series. The non animal related pieces are also really captivating.
Inhale Exhale Pug, The Great Wave of Pug, Pug Yoga, Onsen, and Sunset

~GEMMA CORRELL: Mabel Pines grown up. It's whimsy, cute and kind of eccentric like Mabel.
Hang in There, Baby and The Unusual Child
~LITTLECLYDE: Gorgeous scenes, geometric, vibrant colors, and fun patterns.
In the Woods, Fox in the Snow, Another Quiet Spot

~TANYA SHATSEVA: Portraits with extremely vibrant colors. They're weird and hypnotic. There's a lot of blue and cool tones.
Blue Valentine, Self-Crowned, Coralized

~TORDIS KAYMA: I don't know about you, but I love the silhouette of trees with some fog. Tordis Kayma's work is beautiful and slightly ominous. I think you should look at his whole "portfolio" because it's very calming to look at.

~BOMDESIGNZ: As a geek & nerd, this shop makes me incredibly happy. It covers possibly every aspect of nerd culture. Movies, TV Shows, Books, and Cultural Figures. There's a lot of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.
Pew Pew v2; Knows Nothing, Knows Everything; Free Hugs Lord VoldemortAAAAAAAAAA

~SOPHIE CORRIGAN: I think her drawings are HILARIOUS and adorable. Her characters look derpy and that makes them so lovable. Very punny and the speech reminds me of Adventure Time. It's so weird and nonsensical, but entertaining.
Three Little Axolotls, Pugflower, Anatomy of a Pug, Toucan Toucan't, Anatomy of an Elephant

~TERRY FAN: Haunted by the 80s, Remember, Space Jelly, Victorian Wars

 ~MAREIKE BӦHMER: The contrast! The geometric shapes! THE COLORS! GORGEOUS! It's very Tumblr aesthetic.
Woods, Woods 4

~LITTLEODDFOREST's Alpaca Print (that's all you need in life)

I hoped you liked this post and that you enjoyed the artists in the post. There are so many other artist on Society6 and I think you should look around and support them.


  1. Great post!! I really need to check out these literary/bookish stores. They sound amazing!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you love these stores and find something you like!


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