A bookshelf is the home to your precious little ones: your books. It is of the utmost importance to pick the right home for them. Let's explore your, many, options. (All pictures are from Google and belong to their respective owners, no copyright intended.)
These shelves will save floor space and amaze little unwanted guests (children). But, you have to DRILL HOLES in your wall and get materials from home improvement stores/order the shelf online (it kind of looks like the book ends at libraries). That means you have to go out, SOCIALIZE, and maybe ask your father for help because you're not allowed to use power tools/you might eff up your house. If you do want to install these, here's an Instructables.

My bookshelf has glass doors and it's a weird cream color.
A) I'm pretty sure it's not a bookshelf. I think it's meant to display fancy China.
B) No, I don't know where you can get it. My father got it from a place in Chinatown, I think.
C) It's a bit extreme. Are doors really necessary? Just place them in your closet!
BUT, your books won't get dusty! It's somewhat dark and cool inside. It's a great place basically. (Also, the smell of books permeates with the breeze when you open the doors. You can smell it for hours. I speak from experience...)

Sorry for throwing shade to the BILLY bookcase users. *bows and apologizes profusely* I love BILLY's simplicity, minimalism, and how there are many options. (You can have doors, different colors, and different dimensions). They look really amazing in photos too. Books look uniform and really fresh on these shelves. The only down side is that the shelves are thin and sag under a lot of weight. Books weigh A LOT, it will sag lower than a rapper's pants. The Carson bookshelves from Target is a great alternative. It's sturdy and I've seen many bookstagrammers with these shelves. They also come in a variety of colors and dimensions. If the Billy bookshelves listened to Upgrade by Beyonce, you get the Carson shelves.


I really love the concept because you have a designated reading place and, hopefully, it's comfortable. You can finish one book and pull out ANOTHER book from anywhere you're sitting. It's perfect for lazy people like me. Here's an Instructables for the Bookshelf Chair. However, it will take a while to build and it seems expensive ($$$).

Imagine placing your Harry Potter books on this shelf. *laughs shamefully*. I really love this idea, but I doubt anyone's going to have this. One can dream. It's multipurpose and impressive. I think this option will also save space/use space you already have. However, you'll be stepping on or stubbing your toes with your babies. 

Like the Staircase Bookshelves, I think this will also save space. It's also slightly poetic. Your books are part of your home. But, if you run out of shelf space... 


I'm just going to show pictures of people who go above and beyond because they're a little too creative with a little too much time.
It really doesn't matter what shelf you have because organizing your books to look aesthetically pleasing will still be a pain in the bum.

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