Yesterday, I received 3 books in the mail. I received Cruel Beauty and Stolen. These are two books that I purchased from B&N because I got a 20% coupon and free express shipping.

I loved Cruel Beauty, so I bought it and I'm planning to reread it some time next year.

I purchased my second copy of StolenMy first copy, the paperback, has been read a little too many times. The spine looks like it's going to split in half. Hopefully this hardcover will last longer.

Finally, I received And I Darken by Kierstan White, which was really surprising. I don't remember requesting from First in Line, but I did and won apparently. It was a great surprise. I know absolutely nothing about the book. But, I've seen a lot of praise from people in the book community.

These books really brightened my day. Unfortunately, I have to take my Geometry Regents in about 2 hours. Yay...

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