Figment Review

Figment (Mad in Wonderland #2)
by Cameron Jace
Publishing: CreateSpace (Paperback) 11/28/14
          After Alice's unfortunate encounter with the Cheshire cat, she went a little more bonkers. She starts to question whether what happened last week was just her imagination and if Jack Diamond's just another figment of her imagination. But, she learns that she's not that bonkers, when the heads of children have been chopped off and stuffed into a watermelon all over the city. Seems like another Wonderland Monster has escaped...
          Alice joins forces with the Pillar, again, and solves the Cheshire's riddles to save the people of London. But, will her sanity be lost?

My Thoughts

          The dialogue was frabjous. There were many quotes that made me laugh. The writing also intrigued me. It closely resembled Lewis Carroll's writing style in Alice in Wonderland, but it was also new, modern, and cool. It stayed VERY true to the book and I commend Jace on that. I don't know how he makes up: non-fu, bandersnatch-fang bullets, Einstein's Blackboard Looking Glass, and a whole lot of stuff. I enjoyed reading this book and I marvel at the imagination of people.

          I thought it was really cool how Alice has visions of Lewis Carroll and she can communicate with him! I feel like Carroll is actually my friend and I'm Alice. I wish! Well, kinda. The blast from the past helps develop the modern day world and Carroll's personality. Love it!
          Alice Wonder is still very interesting. Is she or is she not The Alice? Is she insane? What happened to her when she was younger? Will she defeat the Cheshire and every other Wonderland Monster? Most definitely because this is how most books will end! Happy Endings Everywhere!
          The Pillar has so many secrets and I want them! He really has to stop being a vague son of a bitch. He's probably going to become a butterfly and just leave a whole bunch of unanswered questions for Alice. Which, she'll probably have to figure out. But, I do like the Pillar. He was very enjoyable to read. He's very eccentric and flamboyant, but he has a very dark, evil side. Teeters both good and bad. Travels the black and white tiles.
          In this book, we were introduced to the Queen of England. She's a totally insane bitch. Just give up the nuts! Your dogs are not that important BTW!
          Loved this book and I want to read book 3. What's going to happen between the two [Alice and Jack]?!?!?!?!

Favorite Quotes
"The Queen demanded she would not attend the game until Maddog pooped, which apparently never happened."
"Patience my dear, madness comes to those who wait."
"I can't go back to yesterday because I was someone else then."
"They're not smoking hookahs, just putting them together. It's basically like Lego"
"This is my male nurse assistant, Fourgetta Boutit."
"Of course I did! [Of course I showed him something!] My middle finger."


  1. Yay you're reading The Conspiracy of Us!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  2. Chopped whose heads? Oh my god, this book sounds gore-ish! I think I'm liking it!
    xD I had a bad experience with retellings before so I am quite hesitant to read this one. But I might as well try it.
    UnderCover Critique

    1. I'm really liking this series. if you liked Alice in Wonderland as much as i did, then you'll like this book. It stays super true to the book, as mentioned above. The writing is really fun. The characters are really cool.

  3. I am glad to see you enjoyed this book so much! I actually have the first one in this series for review and will be getting to reading that one soon! I love the Alice in Wonderland feel as well.