CoHo Binge Wrap-Up

        The month of December was "dedicated" to reading CoHo books. I had a lot of fun reading her books and seeing her writing style evolve thoughout her books. CoHo's earlier works are very different to her later works. I thought Hopeless was disappointing. I really didn't like it. The relationship happened really fast and it felt juvenile. I never finished Maybe Someday because I just didn't like the first pages. I know, bad description. It was a bout how a girl was in a long-term, terrible relationship, but for some reason, she falls in love with a life-changing guy.
        I really liked Slammed. I thought the supporting characters were outstanding. They created such a nice atmosphere. It was very welcoming and loving. It gives you all sorts of feels. I was very emotional.
        If you're looking for a dark, mysterious romance, without alpha males, Never Never is great. It's dark, mysterious, captivating, alluring and the dual-writing-partnership-thing was seamless. It's hard to tell that two authors wrote the books together. However, I recommend you marathon the series, once they're ALL out. The cliff-hangers will drive you crazy.
        If you never read a CoHo book, but plan to, I recommend you read the books in this order.
  1. Slammed: a really light intro to CoHo
  2. Hopeless/Maybe Someday: not my favorite books, but definitely give them a try.
  3. Never Never: a bit dark, but super enjoyable
  4. Ugly Love: it's steamy and slightly dark. (I'm trying to go from dark to light)
  5. November 9: a cute relationship that's unrealistic.
  6. Confess: the holy grail.

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