How to Make Book Lovers Happy

Is it just me, or do book lovers get some hate? My parents tell me I buy too many books and spend too much money on it. I'm teased (gently) by other kids for reading too much and enjoying books. That makes me kind of sad, and I think other book lovers can relate. So, here's what you should do to make them happy.

1) Talk to them about books. Book lovers can go on and on about books. When they talk about their passion, their eyes light up. It's a great thing to see someone so passionate about something. If something makes them happy, make sure you don't fuck it up.
2) Get them a gift card to either Amazon or B&N, maybe both. If you give them both, you're a WONDERFUL person. You and I need to be friends! Just thinking about having money to buy books makes me so happy. SO MANY BOOKS!
3) If you don't want to give them a gift card, hand them a wad of cash and drive them to a bookstore. Go around with them and give them book recommendations. If you have a book you like, share it with them. You can buddy read it, talk about it, and debate it. 
4) Be there for them when a fictional character dies. Tell them everything is all right, give them ice cream, and splurge on Kleenex.
5) Read with them! You can talk and fangirl/fanboy together. Reading is a beautiful experience that is meant to be shared.
6) Don't commit any book sins. Look: Here & Here
7) Bitch slap people who put your friend down. As said above, don't fuck up something that makes another happy.
8) Sniff books together...that sounds really sketchy. Spend a day together just cradling your books together.
9) Do something book related. Go to a book convention. Dress up as your favorite book characters. Throw a surprise, book themed birthday party. Have tea party inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

That's all I can think of. Comment below your favorite or comment below something that makes you happy.

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  1. Piles of books. Not on shelves, but literally in piles all over the floor. And then hugging them all. Just get me a pile of books. I don't care which ones.


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