The Seven Book Sins

This post is inspired by my friend Taylor who had Hail Lucifer on her binder, the license plate with 6666, Brian in my table who perverts books and recent events in my life. 

1. Writing in your book
     I wrote my name in a book and yelled "I'm a book sinner. Let Lucifer bring me to his 9th circle of Hell!" I don't usually write directly into a book. I didn't particularly like the book, so it's all good. 

2. Dog-earring pages
     Dog ears are cute on dogs, NOT on books! There's a reason bookmarks are sold, used, and/or given. 

3. Rolling softcover books
     My grandson decided to wreck a group read book just to torment me and my fellow book lovers. Being the book lovers we are, we gave him a thorough beating...

4. Dropping a book on the floor
     I was walking to school and my book oh so casually decided to slip out of my fingers. It really did fall out of my hands.

5. Dropping it in a puddle

     When I dropped the book, I freaked out because it was like 5 inches away from a puddle.

6. Soaking the book with a beverage
     Coffee spills on a book....I DIE

7. Getting food on a book
     I get hungry when I read for a long time, but I always keep it a safe distance from the pages. I remember going to the library and picking up a book with pizza-stained pages.

What do you consider a book sin? Comment below!


  1. Rolling softcover books is just the most evil thing I can imagine. :O

    1. I KNOW! It's okay to roll up newspaper and/or magazines.

  2. I hate when books get wet with food or drink. Wet paper just grosses me out, not to mention it ruins the book! And dog earing really bothers me too. Awesome post, Vivien!
    ~Haley @ My Addiction: Books