Scream Queens

     I was really excited for this show because
A) This show comes from the minds of Glee AND American Horror Story. These are some of my favorite television shows.
B) It's horror. I don't know why, but I've been obsessed with horror lately.
C) The cast! JAMIE LEE CURTIS! Her mother was in Psycho, PSYCHO!!!!!

     As you can see, I had really high hopes for this show. But, to my dismay, I was completely disappointed.
     Greek the television series about sororities and fraternities is a lot better than this wannabe horror show. If you want to watch the drama between frats and girls, Greek is HIGHLY recommended. If you want to watch a "horror/comedy" movie, watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's kind of like Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
     Scream Queens was honestly so stupid. The deaths were so bad. It's supposed to be funny, but it's not. Niecy Nash was slightly funny, but her performance was really lacking. It was too toned down for my taste. She's naturally funny and I felt her part was washed down by the producers. They had someone who's actually funny on the show, but the show was still boring and lifeless.
     Characters were killed off, but their deaths were not plausible. You can't fucking die from having your faced burned off, I think. Like, have you watched The Dark Knight?!?!?!? Someone has half their face burned. Two Face is iconic.
     The lawnmower is the front able to roll on top of a head and cut it off?!
     This show was so bad. I guess the humor part was the show being so bad that you laugh at it's terribleness/horribleness.
     The characters are also terrible. I couldn't relate to any of them and they were really cliche-mom went to sorority, you join it to be closer, shit happens. Wait, isn't that the plot to Sydney White?!?!?!
     Even the plot/story isn't original.
     Let's hope AHS: Hotel is better.

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  1. I don't really care about this show (I'm not into horror tbh), but you could die from being stabbed in the shoulder. Obviously I didn't watch it, and if they died instantaneously that would be unrealistic, but they could still die from blood loss in a place like that. I don't know how fast they died, though, so it could have been unrealistic :/
    Just wanted to point that out. I didn't really have a point.


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