The Dark Elements Marathon Wrap-Up

     I've been meaning to get start the series, but I was really hesitant. If you read JLA books, you're kind of basically reading the same thing over and over again. You're always reading about a girl who is surrounded by one, or multiple, swoon-worthy guys. Then, the girl becomes a special snowflake...shit starts going down...
     The writing is great. The author adds humor. She [JLA/Jennifer L. Armentrout] adds pop culture references. She is literally fusing herself into a book. Her books are a reflection of herself, excluding the supernatural/paranormal elements, obviously. Her action scenes makes you devour the book. I got so excited that, I think, my mouth began to foam.
     Unfortunately, everything is really predictable because it's basically an up-cycled plot. I still love her nonetheless. She is definitely one of my favorite authors and I really want to meet her.
     The series revolves around Layla. Layla is an "abomination" because she is the offspring of two rivaling/different races-demons and gargoyles. Growing up Layla felt like an outcast and was treated pretty much like shit by the gargoyle race the raised her. But, her adoptive brother was always kind to her. This obviously causes Layla to develop feelings for him. She grows up and has cool powers. She can see your soul, tag demons, and go virtually undetected by them. Then, upper-level demon, crazy hot, omg he is perfection, please have my babies Roth crosses her path. That's when shit really hits the fan.
     From that point on the story is about Layla learning about herself-coming to terms with her "heritage" and her powers, along with picking a boyfriend. Amidst the boy drama, there are things trying to kill Layla because of her awesome powers and abilities.
     There's a lot of drama, action and romance. I always enjoy her writing and stories, but I gave most of the books 3-stars. I'm glad that the ending isn't completely HEA. It was bittersweet and now I'm copying what I said on my goodreads reviews.
     But seriously, this series is awesome. I'm really sad that it ended. It's probably one of the few trilogies that I like/liked.
It's only fitting to use this song.


  1. LMFAO So glad you loved this series. I know you're a avid Jennifer L Armentrout fan so it makes me happy that you loved loved this series so much. I'm reading the third book on Wednesday. THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL :D :D

    Also if u do comment on my blog, use intense debate lmfao. Because commenting on the regular google comments like I am ruins the rest of the commenting system on the blog. LOL IK It's so annoying!!!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

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