Angus and Julia Stone
A yoga app I occasional use introduced me to this brother and sister music duo. If you're like me, the first song you'll listen to is Big Jet Plane, which I think sounds incredibly different from their songs on Snow because Angus doesn't sing in a falsetto. I'm not familiar with their discography, but their song Chateau has been on repeat. It's nostalgic, sweet, innocent, and pure-it feels like young, first love. I love it when I pretend to understand things I don't.
Sevdaliza is another artist who I recently discovered. The first song I ever listened to was Human. The beats, the soft record scratch/crackling, and her resonating voice create this rich and warm sway track. It's weird, unique and beautiful. Another song I love is That Other Girl; it's trippy, entrancing, and chill-inducing
Billie Eilish
I love the soft breathy harmony, her cool voice, the hypnotic percussions, the light guitar strumming, and the bass. I was shocked when I learned we're the same age, like what am I doing with my life? It's amazing how talented she is for her age. I also love the video's cinematography-look how vibrant that blue is. Copycat is punchier and "grimier," which I love. 
The Kooks
For my AP English class, I'm reading Othello by Shakespeare. One of my assignments was to bring in an object or play a song that relates to the text. I chose Naive because the singer has this paranoia of his partner's infidelity(?) He's surprised that someone so "sweet and pretty" could betray him-Desdemona. I think I was desperately trying to force the two to correlate with each other by repeatedly listening to this song, which I ended up falling in love with.
Methyl Ethel
I like weird things, as if you didn't already know. Ubu's music video reminds me of Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange and young David Bowie. (They were actually referencing Ubu Roi, a French play. Upon further research, I learned that this "art rock band" has an appreciation for French culture.) The music video is weird and utterly fascinating. I'll be listening to more of their stuff in my free time. 
Not songs but I want to mention this. I recently found this book called Chemistry (Stella Blunt #1) by C.L. Lynch on Goodreads. It sounds HILARIOUS.

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