I entered Burning Pages Candles' Instagram giveaway and was rewarded second prize. You can check out the shop here: Etsy, Facebook, Instagram. (The store is now permanently closed.) My prize included: a full sized candle, a solid perfume, and a tea blend. All of my prizes were Night Court scented, obviously! You can check my pictures of them on Instagram: tea and perfume.
The Night Court candle is my most used item. It smells like jasmine, citrus, and ocean breeze. When I first received it, I didn't love the smell; it smelled a bit weird, but I started to like it with use. The citrus note is the most prominent in the candle and perfume. Although it's a great product, I think it can be improved. I would like to see the candles packaged in round jars because the candles burn in a circular "shape." While I was burning the candle, I noticed that it didn't burn evenly. This may be because I didn't achieve a "full wax pool" when I first lit it, or because my wick is crooked. I always trim my wick and check for a full wax pool, so I don't know why it's not burning evenly. I also don't understand the glitter on top of my candle... I think it would've been better to have fine glitter mixed into the wax, instead of coating the top with glitter.
Disclaimer: This is my first time using solid perfume; I do not know how they're supposed to work. The solid perfume smells very lemony and clean with a bit of "floral musk." It smells even better once you let it develop on your skin. I would have loved to see this product packaged like a tube of lipstick. Uncap it, twist open, and swipe directly onto your skin. I think it'd be much easier than rubbing your finger over the surface repeatedly, and warming the product before it gets onto your skin. The product has decent longevity. I would also prefer a balmier/softer consistency. It felt like I didn't get any product/wax onto my hands; I struggled to get the product. I would have also loved to see this product as a scented oil perfume. If it was a scented oil, it could've been packaged like a dropper or rollerball. 
Lastly, the tea. It's Jasmine Pearl, Lemongrass, and Jasmine Green Tea flavor. I don't use the tea leaves, nor drink tea often. When I do drink tea, I don't add anything or drink blends. When I first brewed it, I noticed a red color permeating through the water, which scared me. I brewed it on a different occasion and didn't enjoy it. I tasted mostly lemongrass. I do love the Jasmine Pearls because they look great in photographs. 
I liked most of the products I received. I hope to purchase products from the shop in the future and to see more updates. 

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