AHS: Hotel Premier

Yes, I know I'm late with the whole AHS review. I just finished watching it and I'm trying to delay writing my AP essay.

Network: FX
Season Premier Date: October 7, 2015
Creator: Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk
Cast: Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, and Wes Bentley.

        I have to admit that I never watched the first two seasons. I watched part of the Coven and Freakshow seasons, but that's pretty much it. American Horror Story is not super scary. It's provocative and different. Suspense is built well, but that's pretty much it. There isn't any jump scares.
        I am surprised and a bit disappointed with the premier episode. I was surprised because it was not what I expected-the story and how I felt towards it. It had a lot of sub-plots going on. They're all really weird, creepy and funky, but in a good way. I actually enjoyed it, probably because I'm a sick person. I also didn't expect to be scared. There were times where I thought something was going to pop up, but there wasn't, thank Jesus Lord.
        To the disappointing stuff. Jessica Lange isn't part of AHS. I LOVE Jessica Lange. All her characters are twisted, evil, and/or just soooooooo complex. I felt this void when I was watching the episode. I kept expecting her to appear and just steal the show, but it never happened. It was really depressing. Evan Peters was also missing. I just fell in love with him playing Quicksilver in X-Men. Peters is such a cute, lovable guy. I really wanted to be introduced to his character ASAP. There's Lady Gaga, but not enough. I wished the episode focused more on what happened in the hotel and not on the police trying to figure out the murders. I wanted to be introduced to the inhabitants of the hotel and just get to know them more.
        The show has A LOT graphic stuff. There's blood, guts, gore galore. There's substance usage, partial nudity, sexual situations, and just a lot of other stuff that Little Kids should not be seeing.

In unrelated news...
Khal Drogo might make an appearance on GoT...

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