May Wrap-Up

So I read 17 books in May. That's a pretty big number. I didn't like most of the books I read this month. There were a select few that actually made me happy.

This is what I read:

1. Nowhere But Here
          Guys on motorcycles, yes please! Guys that look like they kick puppies, but are actually really nice-check. *squeal*

2. Graceling DNF
          I don't even remember what I read in that book.

3. The Dead List
          One of my favorite reads. JLA delivered a great contemporary book. It's way better than Don't Look Back. There wasn't an obvious killer. It kept me guessing.

4. Eleanor & Park
          So much hype for this book. I really didn't like it.

5. Ancient Gaurdians DNF I got a lot of beef from this woman about my previous review.
          As said before, I got beef for my old review. This book had PEMDAS and Earth's 23.5 degree tilt. Review. I'm still very angry from that user's statement. She had such bad spelling on her comment. She also insulted herself...

6. Those Girls has a 2.69 average on Goodreads.
          The characters were unbearable. They did a lot of stupid shit.

7. Arivaca: Guardians of the Light DNF
          Again, terrible character. Really long book. Really boring. It wasn't going anywhere. The writing was good.

8. Sleepless DNF I'll be hosting a blog tour for this book soon.
          It's cute that the author incorporated blog posts into the book, but you can only access it on a digital copy. I, like most people, enjoy physical copies of books. I was expecting a pee my pants story, but the horror movie I watched about WW2 and time traveling was scarier.

9. If You're Lucky
          I liked this book actually. It was interesting. You can see my review of this book on my blog.

10. Everything, Everything
          A very cute read. I totally expected that ending. I'm surprised she didn't figure out herself. I enjoyed the cute romance in this book. I really liked the illustrations and other tid-bits in this book.

11. Boywatching
          Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. That's literally the summation of this book.

12. Neverland DNF
          Peter Pan, just no. Don't change a great childhood story. LET IT BE!

13. Shadow, Shadow
          Honestly, one of the most boring books I read. The characters were such bitches. Although, this book taught me to trust stoners and lunatics. They are the ones who know all!

14. Spelled
          Great book. Great concept and executed well. The author adds and tweaks The Wizard of Oz. She incorporates other works of fiction in this book. All characters were unique. Great story!

15. Falling Fast
          Omigod...The Notebook meets some movie/book with racing. I continued to read this book even though I didn't really like the story.

16. Nova & Quinton: No Regrets       17. Saving Quinton
          I'm just going to put these two together. I really hated reading this series. It killed me. It was so painful to read about drug use. Their experiences were so difficult to read. So many feels.

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