I'm currently studying French in my free time, and French movies have helped me improve my language acquisition-vocabulary, syntax, and pronunciation-along with providing some cultural insight. When I discovered this movie, I was immediately drawn to the odd title. What's up with the name? The synopsis further piqued my interest.

"A 9-year-old boy finds his life upended when he's sent to live in an orphanage in this stop-motion animated tale of loss, friendship, and young love." 
I love stop-motion films because of how meticulous they are. I have a great appreciation for the artists who labored over this beautiful film because I've seen behind the scenes of stop-motion films, and I may have tried to create one. I'm in awe of the talents of filmmakers, and I'm disappointed that this did not win an Academy Award-I always root for the "indie" films. 

The art direction in this film is cute, unique, and detailed. I love the red-tinged noses and ears, the big heads, the big eyes*, the long arms, and the use of color. Courgette, the main character, is characterized by shades of blue-he has blue hair, and the skin around his eyes is blue. Simon, the "leader," is characterized by red, which draws attention to him. The vibrant colors create interest in the frame and juxtaposition. Although the story is centered around children and the colors create a happy mood, it contrasts with the sad background of each child.

Each child has a tragic background that contributes to their personality. One has drug-addict parents, one was abused, one was left behind because their mother was deported, one saw their parents get murdered, and one has a parent in jail; this movie is surprisingly dark, despite being a "drama/comedy." However, there are also light-hearted moments. I enjoyed seeing a growing friendship and a blossoming love between the kids. They care for each other and understand each other because they share the same experiences. It is precious that they created their own family when they had no one. Just thinking about this makes me tear up. 

This movie sends a message to cherish your family and friends, and to extend kindness to everyone because you don't know what they're going through, or what they've been through. It also sends a message that you can decide who your family is. Overall, this beautiful film with a bittersweet ending deserves a lot of love. I hope you watch it and let me know your opinions.

What's your favorite movie? 

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