Hardcover or Softcover: Pros & Cons

This choice irks and frustrates me. There are so many pros and cons for these two. I'm writing this post mainly because I'm currently reading The Night Circus and I'm loving it. I really want to purchase a copy, but not sure which format to get. Hardcover or Softcover? Wow, pretty stupid question and post because a book is supposed to be about its story. #vanity

Hardcover Pros:
1. They last longer because they're stronger.
2. They usually come in the same dimensions, although some hardcovers may be slightly taller and wider than the rest.
3. They make bookshelf organization easier because they don't topple over.
4. They're prettier. As vain as that sounds, it's true.

Hardcover Cons:
1. They're expensive, like REALLY EXPENSIVE!
2. The dust jackets are annoying when reading.
3. They're actually pretty heavy.
4. You can't hold one in one hand for long periods of time.

Softcover Pros:
1. Cheaper
2. A reprint of the first edition. Typographical errors are probably fixed and there might be a new cover design. (This is what's bothering me with The Night Circus purchase.)
3. It's light.
4. You can easily turn the pages.

Softcover Cons:
1. They fall like the Twin Towers. 
2. Easily damaged. (Folds, tears, and other sins.)
3. Holding the last few pages leaves dents in the page.
4. They come in too many shapes and sizes. It's the worst for bookshelf organization. #BookNerdProblems.

Which edition should I get? Comment below.


  1. Personally, I prefer hardcovers because I tend to spend more time organizing and staring at my books than actually reading them....
    Also, I laughed at the Twin Towers comment and I feel horrible.

    1. I thought about that. I was like, "should I remove this or keep this?" But, it was the best way to illustrate my issues (not really.)

  2. I just love physical books in general. You see, we have a VERY narrow selection of books in my country, so I buy almost all my books for my Kindle. To get a physical book feels awesome, and I'm not TOO bothered whether it's hardcover or paperback. But are hardbacks ARE beautiful :)

    Ranu @ The Araliya Bookshelf

  3. I am a paperback lover. Simply because most times I do like the covers more and well, it gives me the ability to buy more books in one go seeing as they are cheaper. I also take good care of my books and they are easier to hold in bed (where I do a lot of my reading.) But hardcovers are what I read when travelling because they are less likely to damage. The are prettier as a whole in my opinion. But I do take off the dustjackets while reading.