Book to Movie/Other Adaptations

     Many books have become adaptations. My favorites are Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote starring Audrey Hepburn (I haven't read it yet), Pride and Prejudice (2005) by Jane Austen (currently reading it), anything by Nicholas Sparks and a lot more.
     But, not all adaptations are great/successful. In my opinion, almost all adaptations are pretty crappy (the ones today.)
     If you read the Percy Jackson series, you probably loved it so much that you HAD to watch the movies. The first movie was okay, there was mistakes, and they fixed it in the next movie. But, these mistakes are not easily dismissed. It's not consistent. It does not flow right. You get angry. Another well known book series to movie is The Mortal Instruments.

     Terrible adaptation and it gets even worse... It's going to be a television series. That's not it... they're (ABC Family/ the creator/ producer/ director) bumping up the age and giving the once teenagers JOBS! There's nothing wrong about jobs. It's that they're bumping up the age!!!!! TMI is a YA book series. These characters are too old.
     I love books. I fall in love with the characters. I go through emotional stuff with them. I go on adventures with them. They become a part of me. The book/series becomes my baby.
     I think it should be FORBIDDEN to change the book, no matter how small the detail. The detail may be a dress color or even the dress. I don't care about how small the detail is. If you're adapting a book, stay true to it.
     Yes, you can decide not include certain scenes because they're unnecessary, but you can't change details. You (person who is not a fan) may think that it's just a little detail, but it's more than a detail to the people who care. I think changing little details is insulting. Over exaggeration, but true. If you love a book a lot, you read it a lot. You know everything. They thought they could get away with this, but they can't! 
     If you're doing an adaptation, do it justice!

This was ranty, sorry. It's also really weird. Oh well

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  1. I was so unhappy with the book to film adaptions of The Mortal Instruments series and the Percy Jackson ones too! But sometimes they do get it right, like for Catching Fire, The Fault in Our Stars and the Hobbit! It;s really all a matter of chance and I like that the producers do bother to try.