Things Book Nerds Understand

When your favorite author publishes a new book: YOU NEED IT!

When the books in a series don't match: KILL EVERYONE

The send to kindle button on NetGalley: IS LIFE

Getting new books: IS BAE

Adding books to your TBR: love/hate

Winning books: I can't even describe the feelings

Getting ARCS: Again, indescribable

When people bother your reading time: I WILL HURT U!

When your OTP gets together: 

When the person you want dies:


  1. That thing about the series - SO TRUE! I'm fucking pissed at myself because I bought Daughter of Smoke and Bone as a paperback but then I spotted the hardcovers of the other two installments and I just couldn't resist. Ugh, much hate.

    The send to Kindle button IS life but it becomes instant death when the format is all wonky and stuff. :/

    Omg that last gif really cracked me up! SO TRUE!

    1. It's even worse when you purposely wait for the books to become softcover, but get the last book in hardcover.