I guess I daily blog now. . .

It's a new year and I haven't made any resolutions, so here I go! 
  • Meet more bloggers and become friends.
  • Follow and check out other blogs.
  • Stop book procrastination. 
  • Don't say, "I refuse to read that!" (I've done that... A LOT!) 
  • Read as much as possible  (RAMAP, my new mantra!)
  • Learn how/make my blog better looking. Get all the necessary widgets. Link stuff like twitter, Facebook, goodreads, etc.
  • Get a laptop ASAP, don't wanna blog on the desktop computer anymore, in front of my parents. 
  • Write more. Update both my books and finish them.
  • Connect with people to get books.
  • Don't buy toooooo many books. Then again, WHAT IS TOO MANY BOOKS? There's never enough books! 
  • Get more readers! 
  • Go to a book convention (when/if I figure how to get the access pass)
  • Learn how to make gifs, memes, widgets, blog button (I tried making the last one, multiple times, but failed miserably)
  • Maybe start a book group on goodreads/channel?????
  • Get more sleep!


  1. Book convention? There is Apollycon on February 27th for the release of Jennifer's new book! Sarah J. Maas, Alex Bracken and other amazing authors are going to be there too! Check out the tickets here! And your blog looks beautiful either way! U have a desktop, oh I'm so jealous. I really want an imac desktop because this laptop that I'm using has a tendency to crash all the time. Maybe it's too tired of storing all my books lol! I'm going to Apollycon btw :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Unfortunately, I won't be attending Apollycon. I want to, very much, but it's all the way in Pennsylvania. (Wow, I sound lazy) Thank you, I love your blog setup! It's so cute!

    2. LOL U don't sound lazy at all. I didn't want to go bec it was kind of a far away trip, but it's for Jennifer L Armentrout <3

      Thanks love urs too!

      Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    3. I WANT TO GO FOR JLA TOO <3. IT'S JUST TOO LATE. the vip tickets are gone. All that swag :'(

  2. Good luck with your resolutions! AND START A GROUP BOOKTUBE CHANNEL!!!! I'm definitely up for it!

    Or a group newsletter! That's what I'm scheming away on, LOL.

    1. A group book tube channel...I'll think about it. It's just that editing and filming videos will be a problem. Don't have the equipment. I really want to start a book group on Goodreads.com. I'm just terrified that no one's gonna join and it stays memberless for years

  3. Hehe I like these ideas for the new year! And you've even already done one of them by creating the Goodreads group. I hope it continues to flourish and get even bigger.