Don't Look Back Review

Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publishing: Disney-Hyperion 4/10/14 & 4/15/14
Genre: YA, Mystery, Contemporary, Romance, "Thriller", Realistic Fiction

Recommendation: Mehh. I love JLA, but this book wan't THE best or THE worst. It was in the middle. Her fantasy books are better, in my opinion.
          Samantha used to be a bitch with her friend Cassie and their little bitch squad. She had it all: the money, the popularity, the terrible personality, and the perfect boyfriend.
          Until she and her friend Cassie go missing. Samantha returns back to her town, not remembering a thing about the night she and her friend went missing. She doesn't remember anything
          She tries to pick up her life, but she is no longer the old Sam. She tries to become a better person. The memories slowly trickle back to her. She learns more everyday, which makes her dangerous. She suspects different people that may have caused the death of her friend. Will she find the killer before it's too late?

The Stuff
          This book was half-full of suspense. The suspense did kill me, not gonna lie. But, I didn't love this book. It lacked the funny, witty remarks and dialogue that I associate JLA with. Sure this is a mystery story and the whole thing is pretty scary, but it deserves some comedy! When aliens were on Earth, she still made it funny. When: Apollyons, Half-Bloods, Pure-Bloods, and Sentinels were fighting "strigoi"/daimons, it had some comic relief! Why should this book be any different?  
BTW, I can't watch GoT. It's "Too Mature"!
          Sam was a total bitch! She should've stayed away from the snotty-rich kids. I felt bad for her because she doesn't remember anything and she has to deal with all the crappy stuff. Carson, Julie, and Scott are such nice people. They were really protective of Sam and tried to help her as much as possible. They accepted the change of her character, unlike her "rich friends." A story of friendship.


  1. Ok it might be weird that I felt exactly the same about this book! It totally lacked all the funny and snide comments of Jennifer's characters, Kat and Daemon, who always liked to play around with each other. I also kind of thought this book didn't have a strong enough romance, but that too is debatable. And I kind of liked the story of how she wasn't only there to recover her lost memory, but to find herself in this new world of hers as well. I won't be posting a lot in Jan either because... well OMG school is starting again and midterms week is almost here. I wish you the best of luck with all your schoolwork and hope we become better blogging buddies! So glad to have met you :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. We are blog buddies, Ugh school, nasty school, good luck to you too