Remember that movie called The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones? Well, because it didn't do too well in theaters. It's going to be rebooted as a TV show.
          Recently, I found some shocking news regarding this. Before I say what it is, does anybody remember the Vampire Academy movie? You know, the one with the hot Russian named Danila.
          CHRISTIAN OZERA FROM VA IS JACE...that does not work...I prefer Jamie Campbell Bower...You see what this has got me admitting?!?!
          I'm not the biggest fan of TMI after rereading the series in a brand new book reviewer POV. The story was really bland, but the story was very original and new. The other thing that "saved" the book was the characters.
          I know that I shouldn't be so concerned with the show because I'm no longer a big fan. But, TMI was one of the series that got me binge reading. It taught me to speed read and it divulged me deeper into the YA genre. Jace was my first book boyfriend. So, he'll always be special.
          Anyway, how do you feel about this? Comment below!


  1. I didn't even know City of Bones became a movie O_o It definitely didn't do well. As for how I feel about there being a TV show, I don't believe I'll be interested. I like reading YA books from time to time, but I'm not a big fan of TV shows that revolve about teenagers. I guess I "grew out" of it.

    1. The tv show really shouldn't be made. The movie was a disappointment and the show is going to let me down more.

  2. I might actually read the series (or at least the first book) for the sole purpose of seeing if it takes off.

  3. I need to reread TMI to see what I think of it now. The movie definitely sucked balls. I'm hoping the show is better. That guy is definitely hot, so I'm interested in staring at his face on my TV for sure. Hopefully it's as good as The Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars. We'll see.

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog