Red Queen Review

Red Queen (Red Queen Trilogy #1) by Victoria Aveyard (383 pages)
Publishing: HarperTeen on February 10, 2015

Thoughts Before I Finished this Book (1-303 pages read)
          The cover is gorgeous. I love the silver metallic color of the dust jacket. The really fake, goo looking blood dripping off that "crown" made me kinda pissed. The insignia/banner/crest in the cover was cool. But, this book was rather large with pretty small print. You have so much much space to fill with words in large font. Instead, you keep the margins 1 inch thick and font size 10. The marketing of the book is genius, but it lacks quality.
          The story/idea is interesting. The characters were okay. The action was okay when people fought. I would've thought there was going to to be a bloodbath, since this book includes terrorists. But, it was really half-assed. The romance had too/so many components. This girl has like 3 possible boyfriends. I hate love triangles, so whatever love-shape-thing this is, GO AWAY! YOU'RE UNNECESSARY. YOU'RE REALLY BOTHERING ME. More than Jeffrey bothers Jessica...hahaha...scissors...XD.

After I Read This Book
          Nothing really exciting happened, until The Betrayal. That's when shit hits the fan. I wanted to dnf this book, but like most mainstream, anticipated books. The end is where everything happens. If you think the beginning was really boring, just try to keep reading. It gets better towards the VERY end. The beginning focuses on Mare complaining about the classy, good life. I get why she complains, but it's still pretty annoying. Her jealousy was pretty annoying. The insta-love made me want to puke. The guy sees her one time and swears to protect her from death. Like WTF? It's very unrealistic (even for a fantasy book.) 
          The corrupt ruling system was one of the things I liked about this book. It was probably one of the things remotely interesting. The powers were fun to read. The book's land, powers, world building was great. The names were really original. I find naming characters and places to be a bitch. I'm trying to rename the 50 states and everything seems too fancy.
          Now everyone is probably wondering, "If there are certain aspects of the book that weren't terrible, why did you give it such a bad rating?" I probably said this before... the writing didn't intrigue me. It was very one-dimensional. If I were to re-read this, I might like it. But, I never re-read books I don't like/re-read in general. I hated many characters in this book and I didn't really keep track of any of them. I forgot their names/who they were/what they did and I didn't really give a crap about them when they died/if they died. 

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  1. I am reading this now!! I'm only on the second chapter and I'm loving it so far! I want to be a "whisper" or whatever it is! Lol! 3 possible boyfriends, wowww! I can't wait to read "the betrayal"!!! Awesome review, Vivien! I'm only more excited to read Red Queen now!

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog