Bookend DIY

My books have fallen and can't get up!
     Have your softcover books toppled to the side? Have other softcover books relying on that book topple too?
     Thanks to the innovation that's called a book end, you books will not topple over like dominoes.

All you need is:
1. A mason jar
2. Random shit to fill it with!

Random such as, but not limited to: marbles, the marble thingy-things with a flat side, random assortment of beads, sand, and glitter?

     I won't be showing you my bookend because it's a bunch of weird colors and looks like a mess. I recommend using things that look well together. If the materials have a glassy luster, keep that as your theme. You can use different colors, but transition from one color to another.
     I think getting a nice colored sand (baby blue or pink) and putting it in a glass jar would be the most appealing. Fill to about 1/3 of glass and fill with some pretty shells and those clear things you fill fake flower arrangements with. If you feel that the bookend isn't heavy enough, then put something heavy i.e. a rock in the jar and cover with sand. 

Wow, this was kinda unhelpful.
Look at his eyebrows!

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  1. I've actually never thought of that. Kinda helpful tbh ;)