I know, I'm really late... I just watched this movie because I refused to spend my money watching something in the theaters, that was going to make my cry like Niagara Falls.
          I didn't want to watch the movie because of the casting. *Cough TMI movie & weeps*. When I pictured Hazel, I saw a small, frail girl that was on the brink of death. Shailene Woodley looks like she can walk 500 miles and 500 miles without breaking a sweat/FEEL THE BURN. 
          Augustus in my head was hot, like really hot. Ansel is cute, in a boyish way. His acting was very entertaining. He had this grand. larger than life personality. He embodies Gus well. But, sometimes I laughed at the dialogue. It's not very 21st century teen. It was too mature. His face was making this faces, I know that faces make faces, that made his eye crinkle with this goofy grin. IT SCARED ME!!!!
          Nat Wolff, was AMAZING. TBT to when he was in The Naked Brothers Band. So cute. He was the only one I really paid attention to. He played the part well, he provided some comic relief, yet he was still serious.
          The movie followed this book almost to the T. 
          Overall: 8/10

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