Unravel Me Review

Unravel Me (Shatter Me #2) by Tahereh Mafi 
Publishing: HarperCollins 1/1/13
Genre: Sci-Fi (o_O), Romance, YA, Fantasy, Dystopian 
Recommendation: Meh. It got better towards the end, when Juliette stopped being a lil' bitch. This was highly, strongly recommended by many of my friends. Mainstream books aren't clicking with me lately.

          Juliette is at Omega Point. A place where people like her-people with gifts- can live without fear. It is also the home of the rebels. Everything is a dream, until there's: a rocky relationship, weird powers, kidnapping, war, stealing, and any other thing that might happen in a dystopian novel. War is coming.

My Thoughts
          This book took me a week to finish. It's not because I didn't have enough time. It was because of Juliette being a mopey 13-year-old. Sure, it's a bitch to have people touch you a die. But, you protected yourself, created a physical barrier, that won't kill others. People won't die, so suck up your tears, and put your big girl panties on. People deal with problems that they have no control over, you have control! Damn-itt
          I had a lot of notes on this book. The first being Juliette is so annoying. I think I made it very clear that I don't like her. She made me really want to DNF this book, but a lot of my friends raved about this book, saying it gets better. It kinda did. I loved how Kenji gave her a reality check. He did what I really want to do. Well, I wanted to back-hand her. A reality check is fine though! He provides some sort of comic relief too. 
          I thought the writing was very "mature", it didn't feel like a YA book. The book's writing style is very different from the usual books I read. But, it was enjoyable sometimes.
          This book really made me change my thoughts on the guys. I learned that Warner has a crap-tastic dad. He [Warner] is actually a pretty decent person. He loved his mom very dearly. Something his father hated. WTF, you married the woman, banged her, and produced and offspring with her! You should be thanking her for dealing with your messed-upness. His upbringing sucked, he had every right/was in the right mind-frame to want to kill his dad.
          Adam is so friggin' pussy-whipped. Sometimes, I think he's a chick deep down. He's the female in the relationship. Begging to be loved, asking "why don't you love me", do you want to be in a relationship?, all moody, crying, not eating, not sleeping, being distant, basically being way too dramatic. 
          The book went The Host when they went to get supplies. Mel is Juliette, Jared is Adam, and Ian is Warner. Plus, they're hiding from the Seekers? (don't remember anything from The Host)/The Reestablishment. That gif is the epitome of how I felt about this book. What is this?*UGH, FRUSTRATED* As I'm writing this review, I hear a Korean man shouting and cursing outside. 
          Back to the guys... They all have some deep feeling conversations. My teacher said guys can't talk about their feelings, well read this book and see how excessively they're sharing their feelings. Both guys are really girly... the genes... I thought it was weird how Warner kept saying love as a nickname/a sign of affection. Dude, you're not from Europe/in Harry Potter. So, drop the English/British act.
          I wanted more James action. Such a little cutie. I still haven't finish this book. I have to go to my cousin's sleepover and I don't wanna blog in front of them. So.... yeah. 


  1. I'm jealous that you started this series! I've heard great things about the first and second book, but I have too many books on my TBR to even considering buying this series D:

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. This series lived to half of its expectations

  2. I love the writing in this series, but I admit the metaphors can be kinda.... disturbing.