The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer Review

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer #1)
by Michelle Hodkin
Publishing: Simon & Schuster 9/27/11 

          Mara wakes up in a hospital, with no memory of how she got there. But, things get weirder. Before she was in the hospital, she was in an accident. This accident killed her friends, but left her unharmed. She believes that there's something important she needs to know, but she doesn't know what. [Don't Look Back?] And, things are happening, bad things.
This looks really Panic! at the Disco
*Sings P!ATD songs* If you wanna listen to some songs by them, I like these songs: The Ballad of Mona Lisa, Girls/Girls/Boys, This is Gospel [preferably the piano version], Miss Jackson. Cuz, ya know, totally book related... o_O
Before Reading/The Beginning
          As said above, the summary is very Don't Look Back. JLA has books that remind me strongly of other books. Covenant was very Vampire Academy esque. VA & Mara Dyer were published before JLA....
          The beginning was pretty scary. The whole story started with a group of girls playing with a Ouija board *shudder*, in an abandoned building (Mental Asylum)... I get scared really easily. A really creepy girl...*breaks into song: Ghost Town You're So Creepy* I thought it was cool that the character wasn't Caucasian. Her mother is Indian, but I'm not so sure about her father at this point.  
 After Reading
          I LOVED THIS BOOK! The beginning was great, but at the middle-end.... It became aburrido. I love the characters. Noah was very entertaining to read. Joseph was such a cute little brother. He reminded me of Max Lightwood. I was really shocked how mature Joseph was for his age. Daniel I found annoying when he acts all "I'm better, smarter, and talented than you/holier than thou." But, he's such a great, protective older brother.
          Mara is very interesting. She has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  (PTSD) after the death of her friends. But, she moves to Florida! My sister keeps telling me "Oh, Florida has a lot of crime!" So, that got me thinking. Why the hell do you bring your PTSD daughter to a crime state, after her experience? Won't that make everything worse?! I feel like my English teacher, hating on bad parenting. 
          Loved the LOTR (Lord of the Rings Reference!) [Eye of Saoron] The dialogue was very entertaining. There were times where things got kinda verbally sexual. Most of those moments were HILARIOUS. Especially the time where Noah "defiled childhood classics." When you smell good, you smell like bacon! 
          Sometimes I got confused with the writing because I felt like something was missing. It didn't have a good flow sometimes too. But, this book was still very enjoyable. Especially when the author wrote the Spanish teacher as a monster from the depths Tartarus, whose sole purpose is to make your life a living hell. I swear, this Spanish teacher is worse than my Spanish teacher. TBH, most of my Spanish teachers were really bad.
          I enjoyed this book. I hope the second book is better/the same. This series is a trilogy... Trilogies hate me/suck!

  • Sheide: German for Vagina (Thank You book! Now I can insult the idiots in my class!)
  • Bougainvilleas? Seriously? This thing is EVERYWHERE! Battle of the Bougainvilleas!
  • Why is she bad at Algebra?!
  • Why did the author name a teacher Ms./Mrs. Maillard? That's a name of a chemical reaction! 
  • Jude is a dick along with his sister.

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