Eliza Bluebell Review

Eliza Bluebell by A.J. York
Read: PDF file from author 47 pages
Publishing: (I can't find it!!!! GRRR)  
Genre: Middle Grade, Contemporary
Recommendation: Mehhh, 3-stars, I should get this for my cousin Kailey.  
          Eliza and her shadow are best friends, they do everything together. They go around making people happier. But, everyone no knows about Eliza's shadow. 
          I thought this book was really cute. This is a really light and quick read. I hope I can get my cousin to read this and enjoy it. It's great for little girls. At times, I found myself worrying for Eliza. People may think she's talking to herself, but she's actually talking to her shadow. This would get her in the loony-bin like that *snaps!* I love the British/English flair. I really craved tea after reading this!
          Anyway, super cute, loved it, great for kids!

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