Devoted Review

Devoted (Angel Academy #1) by Emery Skye
Read: PDF from author 386 pages
Publishing: Lemon Press Publishing 7/26/2014
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult, Angels
Recommendation: YES! Especially if you liked Vampire Academy!

          As said on the top, major Vampire Academy feels! I love the characters! Not such a big fan on the editor's job on editing o_O! You can see my complaint on my goodreads review. Sooooo many issues! At first I really hated Anna. I thought she was a grade-A bitch, goodie-two-shoes, maybe Mary-Sue, and really rude. (OH, SO THAT'S HOW PEOPLE THINK OF ME! :P) But, as the story progressed I started to like her. At times, I found Anna to be really weird. "His 5 o'clock shadow should be illegal!" and "Those biceps! Can you put those away?!" WTF! He's Dimitri Belikov to your Rose Hathaway, DEAL WITH IT!!!
          Like I said, VERY VA. Natalie's in the house! *hint hint* Except, it's about angels! I LUV angel books! Anna's sister is so fucking annoying. I CAN'T I JUST CAN'T. She is so artificial, naggy, whiny, useless, and "innocent." Bitch, I don't get how your sister still tolerates you. I would've bitch-slapped you sooooo hard! Taylor on the other hand grew on me. I found her bitchy too and really conceited. But, she's actually pretty cool! She wasn't as self-obsessed as she was in the beginning and she's actually a pretty good friend/person.
          Now the boys... UGH, ALOYSHA! I can't even with you. I think he's the root of my hate for Amalie, Anna's sister. No me gusta chicos malos! JK! Nathaniel Deror! He's a beautiful fighting machine! *Swoons and falls off rolling chair* But, he's so frustrating. Now I sound like Anna. But, he's so cute. I love how coffee brought them together.
          The next book better be as good as this book! It also better answer ALL secrets unanswered! I really liked this book, I want to thank Emery Skye for giving me a PDF of this this book in exchange for an honest reviews. HAPPY READING!

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  1. New version just released! but I agree with all your sentiments. esp about the coffee yummy!