This is somewhat related to the book I DNF-ed recently. So, I DNF-ed Lord of the Flies. (I'm not reading this for school whatsoever. I read this on my leisure, along with Pride & Prejudice.) I wasn't very thrilled by Lord of the Flies and I don't think I'm the only one. I was reading the book outside and an English teacher sparked a conversation with me. It went somewhat like this:

"You reading that for school or free time?"
Free time
"Oh, I read this book and didn't quite like it."
*nods profusely in agreement*
"It's one of those highly praised book... important themes... allegory...I didn't like it; it was boring. But here, I'll give you some book recommendations!"

There are people that love this book and that's great/fine! But, you shouldn't judge people for not liking it. It's incredibly rude-people can have opinions after all! I saw a GREAT one star review for this book and I saw the comments... This user was way out of line. He/She/whatever pronouns was really rude and racist. I understand that debates are perfectly normal, but this guy was acting just like Donald Trump-fussing over stupid things. The user was insulting the reviewer. It's really not necessary... (This is all on Goodreads, btw)

I had to be not-so-honest with my review because I was afraid of "the mob." I even stated that in my review. I was genuinely concerned for what may ensue, so I didn't express my opinions freely.

One of my favorite reviewers, Khanh, is "notorious" for writing the most honest and AMAZING reviews. She goes in depth with her analyses and I trust her opinions-first person I consult when I want to read something. Again, a person decides to comment, You clearly don't appreciate fine literature. (I'm typing this with disdain and a snooty British accent.) Totally unnecessary comment.

I know, this post is a bit hypocritical because I'm talking smack about these users, but this-people telling me I'm dumb, or something-has happened twice. It's getting personal.

I reviewed this book and I said it was unoriginal, unimaginative, predictable, and I didn't like it. This die-hard fan of the indie novel called me out on my excessive use of profanity and tried to justify the beauty of the book. Girl... it's a YA novel, not the goddamn Bible. (bet Raven the drag queen is really proud of me) It's great that she loved the book and it's great that I hated the book!
Another wonderful scenario was when I reviewed a ROMANCE novel. Again, a ROMANCE novel... I said the romance was really fictionalized, as romance novels do, and borderlined rapey/creepy. (This happened on my blog and I've deleted the comment, so don't worry or go looking.) She said, You clearly don't understand love. Something about how I don't know shit about romance, I don't remember. I know I'm a potato that's going to be forever alone, thank you SO MUCH for reminding me something I already know!

I love comments, but those are just awful. I remember reading those comments and feeling anger and sadness. I'm expressing my opinions, something I'm entitled to do and you can too, just do it less rudely and consider who you're directing the comment at. After all, I'm a teenager with hormones everywhere/a person with feelings.

You can belittle me for my inadequate grammar and punctuation usage, but please don't come for/clock me, or other reviewers, for our opinions. It's REALLY not worth "picking on" a teenager or any other person. You don't want me to bring out my bag of choice swear words.
I had fun writing this post. It's nice to let it all out. If you had similar things happen to you, I would LOVE to read it and just rant with you! Comment below and stir the pot with me! Let's be bitter together.


  1. Oh I had Lord of the Flies for my literature novel in seventh grade and it was so much fun. I've only had two decent literature classes with digging into novels for metaphors and stuff and it was LOTF and Animal Farm, so I really like those books. I think heavy allegory/satire books really need an amazing literature teacher to make sense. For example, I read "To Kill a Mockingbird" and I was like "eh. I guess? It's fine?" and don't kill me but I didn't really like Perks of Being a Wallflower or Eleanor and Park all that much either!
    BUT. If I ever LOVED a book and came across someone who didn't like it or wrote a review saying it was terrible, I'd just ask. Like "I really liked that book. What did you not like about it?" of course it's important that I don't pick at them for not liking the book and they don't pick on me for liking the book. Mutual respect, right? I wish people could learn to just do that- mutually respect each other.

    1. EXACTLY!!!! Is it shocking that people have opinions too? You can definitely ask people to elaborate on why they disliked the book, but don't pick them apart for it.

      Also, I'm not a fan of Eleanor & Park either.


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