Because I Love You
by Tori Rigby
Blaze Publishing LLC | May 17, 2016
eARC courtesy of publisher
         Eight weeks after sixteen-year-old Andie Hamilton gives her virginity to her best friend, the stick says she’s pregnant. 
         Her friends treat her like she’s carrying the plague, her classmates torture and ridicule her, and the boy she thought loved her doesn’t even care. Afraid to experience the next seven months alone, she turns to her ex-boyfriend, Neil Donaghue, a dark-haired, blue-eyed player. With him, she finds comfort and the support she desperately needs to make the hardest decision of her life: whether or not to keep the baby.
         Then a tragic accident leads Andie to discover Neil’s keeping a secret that could dramatically alter their lives, and she's forced to make a choice. But after hearing her son’s heartbeat for the first time, she doesn’t know how she’ll ever be able to let go.
If you're expecting this book to be funny and witty like Juno, you're going to be disappointed. The book isn't bad per se, but it wasn't spectacular. I loved reading Neil's dialogue and his interactions with Andie because it was a really nice break from reading Andie's drama. He was so levelheaded and he anchored Andie. But, he's a guy and Andie had to rely on him. I found this slightly archaic because the man was the money-maker in the relationship and "without him, the woman is nothing." He's also flawless like every other love interest. There's literally nothing wrong with him, at all! He has a dark past, but that isn't really flaw.

Back to Andie's drama. Andie had too many things happening to her and I couldn't take any more of it. It was over the top drama and the excess... The way she copes with it was illogical to me and eye role inducing. I also didn't find Andie relatable whatsoever. It's not because she's pregnant. It's because of her high school life/her personality. Her high school life seemed too Mean Girls. It's also slightly "outdated", irrelevant and somewhat staged. It doesn't seem very current/now.

I think, most, people are open minded and accepting these days. Instead of criticizing and ostracizing someone for their "mistake(s)", people help each other. High School in this book is very similar to the way Hollywood portrays it. She overreacts very often and says some stuff I don't agree with. As you can conclude, I had an aversion towards her inner dialogue. If you want to read more about what I'm talking about, click read more.

The author writes about something so important, but I don't think it was done as well as it could've been. It has a great plot/story and the writing is similar to JLA's because the characters had a sassy, playful banter. It just needs tweaking in the character, romance, and dialogue department. Make it more realistic with a lot less drama. Instead of your love interest helping you, have your new best friend (Jill. I'm biased because I love her character) help you. It becomes a beautiful story about friendship. Not all love is a boy-girl/girl-girl/boy-boy relationship. It can be family and/or friends.

A girl ending a boy's womanizing ways is a horrendous YA trope. Please get rid of it. There are so many opportunities to make this book different and stand out. It's really cliché.

I was ranting/discussing this book with my friends. They said I'm very passionate about human rights and that I'm pro-life. I think that you should do whatever makes you happy and whatever makes sense in your situation. I appreciate how Andie feels the need to mother her baby, but she encounters a lot of drama and handles it in a really badly. Her opinions and knowledge on adoption really angered me too. She believes that adopted babies won't experience the same love from their biological parents. She also considers them "unwanted". (I would give you further details, but I would be spoiling.)
You can see why I am so angry with her, right? I sympathized for her when she got bullied for being pregnant, but her beliefs... I don't think Andie understands how there are couples out there who are unable to have kids. These couples go through so much shit to have kids. Does she not understand how extremely qualified couples get denied? Does she know that people go through the same process only to get rejected over and over again until they finally get what they've been fighting for?

Not seeing your child isn't the end of the world. You will always have the beautiful experience of carrying and birthing your child. I'm sure there are adoption options that allow you to "co-parent" your child. Giving your child to a couple who really wants a child is great for you, them and the child.

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