Trusting Stone

Trusting Stone
Author: Alexa Sinclaire
Publish Date: November 19, 2015
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Status: Finished
        Eden Walker used to be a good girl. She followed the rules, obeyed her parents, and reaped the benefits. Until the night one wrong step showed her that all that glitter is not gold. Now she’s starting over, trying to do things on her own terms, and find the passion she’s only dreamt about. 
        Sebastian Stone never expected to find love. His past is too painful for him to imagine letting someone in enough to love. He’s happy focusing on his security company, and he’s happy with his one-night-stands. Until he bumps into Eden, a blast from his past. 
        Sebastian makes Eden realize she’s still scared to follow the passion she knows is missing from her life. Eden is the woman for him, but can Sebastian convince Eden to follow her dreams all the way through? Or will circumstances beyond her control pull them apart?
        I think this is the first book I finished that was requested. I should celebrate my patience. I don't even know why I finished/continued this book. Most of the book was boring. It was lifeless and lacked luster. The savior of this book was Mara. She was bright and full of light and life. I would have preferred the book to be about Eden and Mara instead of of Sebastian and Eden. I would have been extremely satisfied.
        This one of those got swept by a sex-crazed millionaire books, well it was, but not completely. Eden isn't a middle class woman, she comes from a rich family, so it brings a bit (a very small bit) of reality to the story. It's not Fifty Shades of Grey completely. 
        When I was reading, I thought the writing seemed like Ms. Perky from 10 Things I Hate About You.
        That's pretty much the book, an author writing a romance book, who wants to drop SAT words.
        I HATED the relationship between Eden and Seb. Seb was extremely domineering and I thought their relationship bordered on rape. Eden was basically his sex-slave. Instead of discussing about the problem and trying to resolve it with words, sex was always the solution, ALWAYS. I don't think they ever had a full on conversation, yikes! They're extremely bi-polar and Eden gets absolutely no say about the relationship, unless it pertains to sex.
        I don't think there was ever a big conflict or climax, other than the ones Eden and Seb had.

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