LOL, Eggsy....Why You Do This?

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Release Day: February 12, 2015
Genre: Crime & Science Fiction
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Rating: 3.75/5
Starring: Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Caine

Turns out this was a book [comic book] to movie adaptation. It strayed VERY far from the comics. The characters were different and the story was different. Disclaimer: I never read the comic. But I read the Wikipedia... So reliable, not.

The reason why this movie was called Kingsman was because the agents were given code names that originated from The Knights of the Round Table. Example: The head of the organization's code name was Arthur. King Arthur/Head-of-Kingsmen-Arthur. They also added Merlin to the mix. They also changed the villain's name and the story, as mentioned above. I liked the movie, even though it diverged from the original story. If I were to read the comics, my opinion might change.

When the beginning credits were playing, I wanted to punch myself. The way it was presented.... I thought it was gaudy and very cartoony. It reminded me of A Million Ways to Die in the West-it was comedic and kind of stupid. 

I however REALLY enjoyed the fight scenes. I couldn't stay in my seat. It's SUPER VIOLENT AND BLOODY!!!!!!! Bloody Brilliant. I'm sorry.... It was filmed in this stop motion kind of format. It bothered me at first because I was like, Why is this happening? This isn't a Pez film... After I learned it was a comic book adaptation, I completely understood. The fight scenes were awesome.
The story is incredibly new, imaginative. I loved the spy gadgets. It was super cool, innovative, modern, but kind of old school. (Gentlemen with cool gadgets.)

This movie was VERY funny. I really enjoyed Eggsy, as you can tell from the title of this post, even though his accent bothered the crap out of me. He was really funny. That pug scene... I thought this cast was gold. The actors I wrote in the starring section of this review are some of my favorite actors. I think they're amazing and they were great in the film.

What else... I guess you can say the movie was feminist. It had a lot of kick-ass, powerful women. They were capable and didn't need men, for the most part.

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