So, I went to a Colleen Hoover book signing and only brought one book. I felt inadequate. I only read 3 books by her and had 1 book for her to sign. I felt that my fangirl level was not on point. So, I decided to binge read any/every Colleen Hoover book. I just started because I couldn't wait to start Never, Never. I'm not sure if there are any CoHo fans reading, but if you're interested JOIN ME! If you have friends that like CoHo, HAVE THEM JOIN TOO!
     OMG, I swear... I'm so desperate sometimes...
     The whole Readathon event will happen during the month of December. I created this calendar that's like a suggested schedule. You don't have to read the books I have on the calendar and you can take as much time you need to finish the book!

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