Movie Review, Again...

Second review of the day

I don't know why, but my basic cable came with HBO-not complaining. I have been over indulging. I think I watched Veronica Mars like 5 times in 2 days. But, I'm not reviewing Veronica Mars.
The Theory of Everything
Director: James Marsh
Story By: Jane Hawking
Release Date: November 7, 2014
Genre: Romance, Drama
Starring: Eddie Redmayne (<3, I'll explain later), Felicity Jones, David Thewlis (Professor Lupin), and many more

     I had trouble watching this movie. It was difficult for me because I was constantly watching someone struggle. It was painful. I love that Stephen remains smiley and positive about his situation, but that pulled on my heartstring even more. I had to fight back my tears. It's honestly the worse watching someone struggle and feeling helpless.
     I should have mentioned this first. Eddie Redmayne is an AMAZING actor. I remember watching him in Les Miserables, but I wasn't all that impress. Then, I watched Hick and I was blown away by his performance. Eddie plays this southern man with a limp, who is mentally unstable. His accent was great and he just sold it. AMAZING. This role is really difficult and Eddie did a great job portraying Stephen. I really can't describe how great he was. He totally deserved the award, sorry Leo.
     Jane was portrayed as this semi-heartless woman and the story was by her. That shocked me. I just found out and I was like, what? she portrayed herself as a "monster?" Throughout the movie, you see how Stephen's health affected their marriage and relationship. Jane can't pay attention to herself and she become aggravated. She loves him and wants to see him well, but it's difficult always paying attention to one person and not getting any in return. (Wow, I'm really making her sound like a monster. SHE ISN'T. There were just moments, that were understandable, when she was "aggravated.") I do applaud her for remaining close friends with Stephen, even after the divorce.


  1. I refused to watch this movie mostly because I'm not a fan of sad movies. Bawling is just not something I particularly enjoy! I'm pretty sure this review didn't make me want to see it more..... I don't get why people watch tear-jerkers, I really don't.

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about this movie... I know it's a sad one and portrays Stephen in a wonderful light but the things I have heard about him are actually not wonderful ones... and are pretty far from what this movie seems to show. But I am still actually interested in watching this one and seeing the view point it gives.